Publishing Plays (well, trying to…)

So I let some time pass without any updates. Bad me. I have been working—hard—on editing, revising and formatting some of my plays for publication. I found a nice little free program (Celtx) to use, along with buying the screenwritersʹ standard FinalDraft. Pleasantly, Celtx—onced I figured out that I had to have Character Names in ALL CAPS—is able to import my previous versions, after a little reformatting, thus simplifying the whole process. (Final Draft canʹt do it, being designed for original writing in that format pretty much only).

My first effort was the much-produced Everybody (née Everyman) which even had productions I didn’t direct. Unfortunately, my selected publisher had very specific guidelines for typescripts which Celtx didnʹt match, so I had to go back to the original script and format it in the word-processing program (the now-defunct but still functioning AppleWorks). Fortunately, Styles made the process tedious and time-consuming but far easier than it would have otherwise been. Everybody, now a two-act play, by the way, has been off for over a week now.

So next I moved on to other spring plays, working on one I really hadnʹt remembered as very good—High Noon at Black Rock, my attempt at a parody-Western. Rereading, I was more pleased with it than I could have imagined. (I hope that is no slam on the cast of the original production.) Anyway, itʹs just about done, awaiting one more full reading and editing. Then itʹs printing and mailing of that (I hope before this week is out).

Meanwhile, I had also started the editing/reformatting-for-import process for The Golden Goose, Brick Red and the Seven Dwarfettes and Hansel and Gretel: Lost in the Urban Jungle. Of all the ones so far, Hansel and Gretel reached completion, and I sent it electronically today, just before I remembered to try to write for this blog. That means I currently have three items at publishers for consideration.

The hardest part about revising my plays has become multifold. First, I seldom stuck in stage directions originally, so now I have to add those. Second, publishers like to have good character lists, which takes time, and a play synopsis and production history. I havenʹt done much creative writing in the past two weeks (unless you count stage directions), but I have summarized and characterized plentifully.

I have two more play publishers on my list, both of whom accept electronic submissions, so I hope to finish two more scripts to send one to each in the next three to five days. Janetʹs heading off to her sisterʹs for their annual Fall Festivus, so my time, starting tomorrow, will be all my own, nearly… The other distraction for the writer-to-be is that leading role as Scrooge in the upcoming Peace Pipe Players/Ohnward Fine Arts Center co-production of A Christmas Carol (mentioned in the previous post). So I also have to attend rehearsals, daily, and attempt to learn my lines. Speaking of which, itʹs past time for me to leave…

©2009 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

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