Off to Prague

I am feeling a little skittish today, as our Seattlelike fall weather continues. Having set a record for days of sun without rain in September, weʹre getting the backside of that phenomenon now. But the weather is minor in my mood.

Today we leave for our vacation to Prague.

I am all packed (since Monday, really) and except for a change of clothes in which to live for the next twenty-four hours, ready to leave. Janet is off at the hairdresserʹs getting her hair straightened. (She argues that she doesnʹt have to take care of it as much straightened and not wash it for days. I think she just likes the look myself.) Her bags are not really done yet. I just realized she hasnʹt put anything in her carryon.

We leave for OʹHare at 11:30, which is just over two hours away.

Using Google maps to find our park-and-fly location was interesting. Not only did it send us far out of our way on tollway routes, but at the end, no matter what I tried to re-arrange, the mapping program always had us doing strange roundabouts and/or U-turns to get to River Road North. I am betting it wonʹt be fun driving once we hit Chicagoland.

SwissAir takes us out at 7:15 for the night flight, an hour in Zurich, then on to Prague—scenic and ancient and where we do not know the language (although Janetʹs heritage is Czech and Bohemian on her motherʹs side). Good luck to us, and Iʹll be back in a week.

©2009 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

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