Weekend Autopost (in other words, yesterday’s considerations today)

Since Janet is home for the weekends, I am definitely starting this post (and tomorrow’s as well) early and letting each autopost on Saturday and Sunday morning—hopefully long before either of us is awake. I tried that tool for both “Artificial Realities” and yesterday’s conglomeration of things. (Sorry: I should just not ever look at Fox News; it’s like self-flagellation—although I should feel pleased that the main response to the post has been about waffles. On the other hand three out of my four full-length plays came from rubbing my wounds with television evangelism, which generally makes me just as angry as the blowhard Foxies. But on to less controversial matters…) It felt pleasant to awaken, knowing the post was going public with no further activity on my part (a wonderful sensation that may leave us with most of my posts about a day behind on what they discuss; we’ll see).

I am glad I decided to post the old art essay Thursday because it made me realize that a few things I had written somehow were not on this new computer, so next week I will have to fire up the old one and make some transfers onto drives or flash drives that this iMac can read. I have known for a few months that many photos aren’t on here, which may mean some new Facebook albums if I find old play shots I haven’t yet posted, after I check out the files on the old machine. Once I make the transfers, it should mean several other essays (none so lengthy) will give me material for future posts (some familiar material for former students in American Lit and Advanced English, I’m afraid) and a discussion of the limited income I have enjoyed to date from my writing.

Searching for those things has given me material for other posts, however, including tomorrow’s. (Wait and see if I remember to turn that last word in the previous sentence into a link to the post once it appears tomorrow. Hmm, this Janus thing—looking both forward and back—may be getting out of hand…) That post should stir memories for all those who endured English II at Andrew School the past quarter century.

But back to today, I am finding it fun to think about all kinds of things to develop material for posts. Searching the archives, thinking about issues and daily life, experimenting with WordPress tools (and even a tiny bit of editing CSS, since my page is not exactly the standard Andreas04 format, although from my own experience on Janet’s laptop, I am not certain those of you with Windows machines—and that should be just about everyone—can appreciate the changes I installed), dodging the daily duties I should be completing… All this has been delightful (and filling my time to a considerable degree; perhaps I’ll need to start becoming more efficient just to do anything more than write this blog).

However, it is the weekend, and I have real life with the lovely wife to attend to. Sharing some time together (although she will undoubtedly excise a couple of hours this afternoon to commune on the phone with her sister) is a joy, even if it just means going grocery shopping together—a frequent Saturday morning activity. I also enjoy our major weekly meal together, Saturday night dinner, when we try to have something special, which almost always means I grill. On the other hand, for last weekend, the big celebration of the New Year, she made many things night after night: her wonderful mushroom pasta (I may just share that recipe as a post by itself next week), her beef stroganoff (another recipe I recommend for the carnivores), and even a lunch in the Quad Cities at a newly discovered restaurant, Indigo. The one before this was a wonderful weekend!

The one after this may not feel quite so fine, as our cast has rehearsal on Saturday for One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest (which is only two weeks off, so that weekend I will perform on Friday and Saturday evenings and also sacrifice Sunday morning for strike). However, for good or better, the long rehearsal period will then be over, and I can have some more time with Janet. In the evenings around the warm glow of the flatscreen TV.

One other good thing about weekends is that I let the house get warmer than I permit when Janet’s not around. So a little furnace-heat may be one thing I’m enjoying as you may be reading this. (It is certainly not what I am suffering as I type this post. Even begloved with my getting-infamous homemade fingerless gloves, my fingers are cold and fingertips freezing on the icicle keys. Perhaps all this is a sign to stop: keep it short, stupid.)

So enjoy your Saturday, treasured readers, and rest assured that Sunday’s post is sitting all safe and warm in the autopost que.

©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Autopost (in other words, yesterday’s considerations today)

  1. You’re a good man to spend time with that gorgeous wife of yours on the weekends. And I feel your pain with the heat,or lack of, during the week…BRRRRRR.. You may be able to market those fingerless gloves! I too LOVE Indigo Cafe…isnt it just so quaint? Great sandwhiches and fun atmosphere…..makes me long for a trip to the Quad Cities, but not yet ready to endure that 5 hr drive! Enjoy your weekend–cant wait for tomorrows post!

    • Thanks, Sharon! We found Indigo with Diane and Steve, who wanted to try something local (not a chain) when they were here in the fall. Thank you so much for reading.

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