Spring Blech

I am desperately creating a post on Monday afternoon for today (Tuesday). I just now got home from the eye doctor (mid-afternoon), where all went well (and I like my new ophthalmologist very much). Although I will be very poor once the project concludes, I should also have new glasses (very much resembling the old ones, I am afraid) by week’s end. Hooray! The old lenses have gotten so “crazed,” that I really cannot see much of anything out of the bottom portion of my progressive multiple focals. In fact, the ophthalmology assistant got a bit frustrated trying to get me to read using that part of the lens. Even though she had looked at my glasses, I am not sure she realized (or believed me) that all I see out of the reading part of the lenses is a kind of milky cloud over shapes and colors — certainly no words or letters!

Indeed, both the ladies (assistant and doctor) at Medical Associates didn’t appear at all impressed with the disaster my glasses had become in the past six weeks, but the optician at the eyeglasses vendor out at the West Campus was properly shocked and enthusiastically insisted I should be very pleased by the improvement with the new lenses. (I did, by the way, forgo the extra glare coating this time — that being, as our research suggested, the actual problem with the old lenses.)

The eye appointment was for mid-morning, and I almost ran noticeably late for it, having slept in at Janet’s insistence. You see, I have a cold, not a particularly bad one, but I don’t feel very well. (Of course, that probably came from my afternoon of substituting on Wednesday; the incubation period would work out just about right for me to begin drizzling and sneezing on Saturday morning.) The sniffles and dripping have eased somewhat, but still provided some interference at the eye doctor this morning. The cold really bedraggled what could have been a fun weekend.

my latest research

Janet had to go into Chicago, so I went along, too, in order that we could have a kind of mini-vacation. The cold combined with the all-day drizzle and rain on Saturday reduced the fun element of the two-day trip. We still enjoyed some pretty good food, although once again a favorite restaurant had closed in our absence. She shopped a bit, then I looked at some books in a Borders, even finding what I had been thinking about locating to use as background research for my ongoing Sepharad story, Ornament of the World: How Muslims, Jews, and Christians Created a Culture of Tolerance in Medieval Spain by María Rosa Menocal. I haven’t started the book yet, although the story is pushing onward and longer (adding a page or so while I sat at a parking spot after my appointment, eyes all dilated in the immense sunlight, waiting for Janet to get off for lunch — as if we hadn’t eaten out together enough in the past two days). Back to our weekend — Janet was especially pleased to find a monkey-label Guinness pint glass for me for almost nothing at a World Market. I was equally pleased to buy a huge picture/coffee-table book on The Clash for just six bucks (I am afraid the selfish one here found nothing in particular for his beloved wife). If we had only remembered to use all the various coupons we had acquired and downloaded, it would have been a completely great experience — rain and sniffles to the contrary.

Right now, I am sitting at the computer in my sunglasses. (I know I tried wearing them to substitute for the crazed regular glasses, but they were too dark; today, however, my dilated pupils can’t really bear anything else yet.) Even dilated pupils, though, are having a bit of trouble seeing the screen in the shades, so I had better keep this post short.

A new week begins (delayed a bit for all of you reading this so you could enjoy the evil football game for Mantorville yesterday). I hope by Friday or Saturday, I can see the world — especially up close — considerably better.

©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

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