The Cold Wins?

I slept for twelve hours last night. Seriously. I awoke a few times briefly in the last few hours, but I slept for twelve solid hours. Thank you, Janet. (She let me sleep in this morning, and took care of herself departing.) Yes, I have a cold. I’ve had worse colds, and I have even taken off sick from school when it was just a cold. I’ve even slept this long before, just not recently.

So you would think the cold is winning. After all, it has been a beautiful day outside, and I’ve spent it indoors, partly asleep, partly dazed, partly watching TV (go Englishmen, Americans and single fake Australian in The Great Escape!). By the way, you are reading this on Wednesday, St. Patrick’s Day, but I’m talking about Tuesday — yesterday — because I wanted a post ready to go this morning, and although feeling slightly green, not green in the Irish sense.

Breakfast of Champions (apologies, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., wherever you may be)

However, Happy St. Paddy’s Day! I sincerely hope I’m doing better today/tomorrow. The whole theory was to let the cold run its course while I was asleep and wake up feeling much better. I think it may have worked, because although I am, as I said, feeling dazed, I think that’s from excessive sleep, not the illness. On the other hand, I haven’t accomplished anything today (yes, yes, I mean yesterday, Tuesday; actually I hope I’m doing much better today). I have had/enjoyed slack days periodically since I retired, but usually I got something done. Not today/yesterday. The highlight of the day may be this post.

Actually, I lie. When the The Great Escape ended, I dragged myself away from the boob tube and accomplished something genuinely worthwhile. I arranged the first step in getting some work. One day soon I shall be taking a government test in order to discover if I’m qualified to work for the 2010 census. If I succeed, I don’t know if it would be appropriate for me to update regularly what it’s like on this blog, although that might be fun. Except for arranging to take the test, I don’t really know much of anything so far. I have to check out the sample test on the Net yet, but I hope I’m qualified. The guy who took my phone call, not local, didn’t seem to have much up on me. In fact, I was pretty amazed at the lackadaisical and amateurish call-center techniques exhibited. At one point he was talking to someone else, saying, “I’ve got a customer on the line. Not now. No, seriously.”

my future employer?

He was very informative. Although most of what he had to say was covered in a letter to the editor in our local newspaper, which inspired Janet to inspire me to make the call, he covered most of what I needed to know. Actually, I hope he covered all of what I need to know. I guess I’ll find out soon. If you’d like to see what the questions are like, supposedly the link is: I can assure you that I’ll be studying it closely, hoping to earn my $12.75 per hour plus mileage (about the same as substitute teaching in Andrew, except I don’t get paid mileage for driving to Andrew). Supposedly the job will last one to two months “with flexible hours and paid training.”

Ah, the glories of not having sold a single piece of writing in nine solid months.

On brighter note, I spent Monday afternoon doing all the tedious grunt work I had mentioned earlier, investigating future potential markets. A couple of suggestions from the Short Mystery discussion group I joined last summer provided a lot of help. A writer suggested two sites, one for mystery/suspense and another for science-fiction/fantasy, that appear to be very useful. And although most of the markets are online e-zines, many of them pay, and several pay very well. It looks like “ Underground” and “Details, Details” will be heading off to new markets soon. I also need to actually write/finish some genuine science fiction, because those markets pay really well.

At any rate, diseased as my brain may be, here’s a post for this St. Patrick’s Day. Aye and begorra! (I do have a bit of Celtic, although probably not Irish, blood in the genealogy.)

Let’s all enjoy a couple of Guinnesses (for those of you 21 years old or older and possessing good taste in beer).

©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

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