The Eyes Have It

Doctor’s appointment today. First thing this morning as a matter of fact. The truck’s in for a checkup too — actually an oil change. It’s not a coincidence: I arranged them together so I was as available for as much work/substituting as possible. Unfortunately, I go into the doctor still as fat as ever. We will have to see if he reprimands at me.

On a better note, I can see! The very first thing yesterday (actually 8:20) the phone rang. I assumed I was about to get a last-minute sub job; however, that proved to be a mistake. It was the optician telling me my new glasses had arrived, less than two days after ordering. And these new specs are amazing: I can see everything — near, far and in between — brightly, with amazing clarity and in focus.

The day had fogged in heavily very soon after Janet left, so I waited a while on her suggestion before heading up to Dubuque. Arriving about 11:00, I had a quick visit at the optician’s to acquire my new glasses and get them fitted to my head. The fitting is always the longest part, as my ears sit lopsided, asymmetrically. So the bows always have to be bent at strange angles. The lady who worked with me was really efficient and quick with the process, though.

It has been rare that acquiring new glasses has furnished me with such an astonishing experience of visual clarity. I remember the first time I ever got glasses, back in fourth grade, in Rock Island. Walking outdoors with my parents, I was astonished to note the individual leaves on the branches of the trees — something I had never seen before. The same for actual blades of grass in the yards and the complexity of the cracks in the sidewalk, not to mention the grain of the concrete itself. The awe of that clarity still overshadows my improved vision today, but I am very pleased at how well I see.

Now let’s see if this new vision translates into more and happier reading and more productivity at my hobby-career.

©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

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