The time is nearing to take on the turbulent fools of the American Right…

Does it know more than I ever did?

Like yesterday, this post is going to be pretty brief. I spent all of Thursday doing nothing but visiting the doctor and working on our taxes. All day. It was miserable and tedious (but then all of us taxpayers know that). The only writing I did all day was numbers and related words and names in the TurboTax software. And I discovered that I had not computerized any of our records except for the basic stuff Janet and I worked on together about a month ago. I had a big day of work — more than I had realized. And in the end, I got chicken and have not yet e-filed either the federal or Iowa returns (I figured I would have Janet take a look at the information with me before I actually pushed the file button with my mouse).

Worse, however, than the usual tortuous tedium of collecting, recording and calculating all the receipts and forms is that our tax return dropped dramatically this year (I guess I should be glad that we aren’t having to pay the government any more money, though). I know that having half a year of actual employment and half a year of retirement may be making things more difficult, but I fully intend to have W-2s coming in as well as the IPERS monthly payments for years and years to come.

Loud and Mindless Slaves of Corporate Greed

However, unlike my teabaggy friends on the Right, I don’t thoroughly mind paying taxes. As long as the government provides services (like, say, a full and fair national health program — not what we’re hoping to get, unfortunately, from the bill[s] currently in Congress, thanks to the vocal idiots organized and galvanized to do the dirty work of undermining good legislation for the big insurance companies and health corporations) I am happy to do my part to fund said services. —What is it with Righties that they want to slog and drudge as the corporate serfs, the demeaned slaves, of huge corporations reaping mega-profits that benefit us ordinary citizens not at all? I don’t see any kind of freedom in being manipulated by distant interests that see me and use me as nothing but a protoplasmic tool.

I think I need to post a good rant one of these days on the subject of freedom, personal and social, because I seldom hear the word being used in any sensible manner. Thinking all day of taxation with representation (sorry, rightist dupes, we voted for them all: they’re our public servants, not our lords and masters) and how the system we all endure is being interpreted as an invidious attack (somehow) on our freedoms has gotten me steamed (that, or the frustration of tax tedium).

But I’ll try to let myself cool (and e-file our taxes) before undertaking my actual political rant.

I hope that today I can actually do some real writing. Well, after I complete about a dozen recommendations for former students that I have agreed to create…

(Oh, I hope we all enjoyed the teaser first line intended to lure hits from my Facebook friends when the post announcement appears in their News Feed.)

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One thought on “Taxation

  1. I agree on the tax code. We should go to a sales tax system. Or a straight persentage. On the health care, we are never going to see eye to eye. Show me one government program that is fiscally resposible. The problem is, if people don’t have to work for it, it means nothing to them. What is more important to a child, a sucker they get every day for doing nothing, or one they did a job to recieved? The dayly sucker will be fun for a couple of weeks, then he will start eating only half of it and throwing the other half away, then he’ll start throwing whole suckers away. These governemnt programs are the same way. I’m on welfare, why shoul. I work? WIK pays for my kids to eat, I don’t have to look for a job yet, the government is extending unemployment. What we need to fix is the human condition. I would love to be in a universe like Star Trek. But human condition is what is stopping that. Not just the CEOs. It is all through out human nature. Fix that and I’ll agree with you on social Utopia. I married an English major, and improved my vocabulary. Thank you for letting me rant. Good luck on your taxes and have a good day.

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