Spring Signs

Buds on our maple sapling to the west — you can also see our poplar in the background

So spring is sprung! The other day (Wednesday for my lived reality) I walked around our yard, picking up sticks and realizing that the early plants were budding into leaves already. So I ran back inside to grab the camera and shoot some pictures, which naturally end up here for our enjoyment (although in this case to be sure, the digital image comes nowhere near the genuine experience).

budding leaves on the lilac outside the home office window

Yesterday, dressed in shorts and a T-shirt, I walked to complete errands at two different grocery stores — both less than half a mile from our house — and to Wal-Mart with the lovely one herself, about four-mile stroll. And it was a blissful joy!

Supposedly the other sign of spring has been a noticeable increase in the offers of options for me to substitute in Andrew. April already features several, and so does May. Evidently, as the school year runs down to its end, teachers use up their personal days, thus ensuring substitutes a rich field of job opportunities. (Of course, I never did that in my 35 years of teaching!) Warm days and sunny weather just seem to lure us all outdoors. Interestingly, I notice that I find winter days that aren’t subzero similarly invigorating; the snap and chill of a sunbright winter day stimulates me and prompts me, dressed appropriately, to head outside. But we’ve had enough of winter, with snow continually on the ground from early December through the middle of March. Back to spring! And all my chances to acquire some cash by stepping back briefly into the classroom.

actual leaves/blossoms already out on our baby forsythia

— Speaking of substituting, I don’t know if I’m gratified or amused or disturbed that so many people seem so entertained by my experience subbing in the elementary recently. Since I will get to be an art teacher several more times temporarily, I guess I will have to update everyone on my period-long educational opportunities with various elementary classes on those days. Let’s hope those experiences are equally amusing.

the other lilac down by the fence above our bad neighbors — Gasser True Value = overloaded with poisonous-fuming creosote-overtreated logs

Spring makes me feel free. But today is not the day for my dissertation on freedom. I keep working on my ideas as my feet pound the asphalt in the dark, but my mind also wanders sometimes to less philosophical but related matters: usually devising fantasy rebuttals to the Tighty-Righty windbags seemingly omnipresent in the media. And since spring also means the arrival of April Fools’ Day, I combined both my freewheeling but angered imagination with the license for puerile pranks the first of April permits in a series of Facebook posts yesterday that amused me greatly (and I hope didn’t annoy some of my more right-wing friends too much).

Yes, Yes — It’s a FoxHunt Friday!

As I found my April Fool’s reversal-witticisms so amusing, I’m going to impose them on us all again today (sorry, some), thus making this another official FoxHunt Friday. (As always when I have gotten my dander up, apologies in advance…)

the big forsythia — I like the texture/pattern of the many branches

Extreme Rightie media “pundits” are actually wise men who never lie or manipulate the American public. And they are actually worth their bloated “salaries” for the searchlight they shine on politics.

Because FoxNews presents the “truth,” the whole “truth” and nothing but the “truth” all the time, every second, twenty-four hours a day, nobody ever needs to check their “information” or verify their “sources”—ever.

Rush Limbaugh truly is a Great American (not just in girth), who presents a clearheaded and fairminded view of politics and government without distortion, falsehood, ego-mania or duplicity.

FoxNews: fair and balanced. [This one really makes me laugh every time I hear or see it!]

Compassionate Conservative: NOT an oxymoron. (The healthcare reform debate proved it!)

Sun Tea brewing for Easter Day

I admire Rush Limbaugh so much that I will never again refer to him as Tush Limbo or Lush Bimbo or Hush Limburger or Bush Lame-o or…

Nazis actually were liberals, as the tightie-Righties tell us (which is why the American Right does NOT shelter Aryan neo-Nazi sapheads among its midst/fringes).

Let’s all bow low to Glenn Beck for his decent, absolutely fair, nontyrannical, nonhysterical, nonparanoid, valid and eminently reasonable take on the American Scene.

The NRA is NOT the Neutered Rabbit Association or NeoCons Restrict America or Nullify Rights Always or Num-nuts Rightie A**holes or Never Resist Authority or (nonPC warning!!) Nervous Retards Association.

April 19 is NOT a day to hang your head in shame as an American.

Yeah, they got a little more bitter toward the end there. My apologies if you weren’t amused by any of them (sometimes a blogger just entertains him/herself). After all, as I said, springtime makes me feel free…

And why was I picking on Rush? Here is my Facebook status for today:

Hey, Rush:  healthcare = passed. Why are you still around?

No need to wait five years! Get out now!

(Shouldn’t ONE Tightie-Rightie actually do what he says? …Or, no, that would mean one of them told the truth, finally…)



Enough of that for now. We’re back to The Book of Seasons for the weekend, which for some should be a relief from my ranting. These next two posts will wrap up that thirty-year old effort.

In case I forget for Sunday’s post—Happy Easter!

©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

2 thoughts on “Spring Signs

  1. I love it when all of my plants start blooming in the spring. There’s not much more rewarding in life than walking in my back yard and seeing the buds on the lilac trees. And I love Jon Stewart almost as much. 🙂

  2. Our plants are really starting to pop up from the ground and Christy planted some new things I had ordered from Spring Hill. I buy the stuff and she plants it!

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