Monday, Monday

Did anyone enjoy (or even read) the brief selections over the weekend from my barely begun François Villon novel? I kept the items brief in the hope of increasing readership and response. Janet really did mildly criticize those first chapters (more ahead this coming weekend, by the way) as overwritten and excessively literary. But all thatʼs for the past (and future).

Today I am back to the regular world of regular work (albeit, unlike my teaching career, severely limited to only forty hours per week — which should sound like a dream come true after all those  hundred-hour weeks in education, but right now it does not). Itʼs Monday morning, so like the rest of the world, I am off to work …

Even though I donʼt feel any hatred today, as I used a cat for the poetry post last week, hereʼs another for ailurophiles

I am (I hope) out running as this post arrives on the Internet, hoping the leg holds up and that I can get showered, take care of getting us both fed and lunched and Janet out the door, and get myself to the training site at least an hour before itʼs supposed to start at 9:00. I called my people, and all but one are coming, except for the one who never wanted daytime training in the first place (ah, the government in action).

I have my materials, and I hope theyʼre all in the proper places when I will need them this week. I have never before taught entirely from a scripted package (even the latter-day English III materials for career education skills werenʼt strictly by the book, and I got bored with those books pretty quickly anyway). But I will do my best to stick to the script this week, and the scripted presentation provides a certain level of comfort anyway.

Right now — as I write on Saturday — itʼs all in the future. I still have to go over my trainee folders and practice fingerprinting (Janet, my guinea pig for this procedure, may even be getting excited about doing that this afternoon). And itʼs as gray (even darker than I had expected) and rainy as predicted. I guess that Monday isnʼt going to be much better — less rain perhaps, but just as cloudy. so that will/does make it a good day to be inside. As I am going to be. All day.

Unlike my trainees I may not even get much lunch, although I am required and not paid to take that break, as I have to go over their paperwork and fingerprints to have them ready for my courier to FedEx to Cedar Rapids. Just joy upon joy, actually.

I used to think Mondays were fun (once I retired) because they opened a whole new range, a brand-new week, of adventures in composition or whatever other chores or activities lay ahead. Now I wonder just how long I can endure having a real job again. (I started but havenʼt worked far on a post about work being modern slavery — with no slur on those actively captive in genuine slavery around the globe — but also a blessing, as it provides motivation and variety to our lives — okay, a limited variety and lots of motivational stress.)

Mondays are usually my best run of a week, having more or less rested over the weekend. I hope thatʼs true (has already been true?) this morning. My leg has begun to feel better, except first thing in the morning. I want that run to ease my way into this week.

Other than work and running (and I admit again that I am exaggerating my success pounding the asphalt to call it “running”), I donʼt have much to say this morning. So I shall keep to my current conception of these posts and keep it short.

Happy Monday. And have a good work week, everyone!

©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

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