A Quick Note

A 16th in G-sharp: LA!

Seriously, just a quick note. I have been training all week. I have had an exhausting but exhilarating time with perhaps the best group of soon-to-be-enumerators I could imagine! Seriously. (Okay so I have said “seriously” two times in one paragraph — oops, now itʼs three.) I donʼt think any of them even know I keep a blog, but I am saying it publicly: my first group of trainees were wonderful people who made the experience wonderful for me. I even think they learned a thing or two and should be ready to undertake the tasks for which they have been hired (now Iʼm starting to sound like the materials we use).

The days have been long (more than ten hours a day so far), and my nearly year-retired legs are finding standing that long wearing (on the first day, with fingerprinting, I stood on my feet for the entire training-session day). But the group has been enthusiastic, interested and helpful. I probably have learned as much as they. And I will get to use that knowledge (hereʼs hoping I remember all the good ideas) because I am going to continue training (which suits this old teacher just fine).

This quick note is also a pre-apology for tomorrowʼs rant, which is resulting from the need for anything to post. I have been withholding something I first typed back in January for, well, months now, and having coined the “FoxHunt Friday” concept, I will post this one then. As you will be able to tell, I was taking myself pretty seriously as the new year was just underway.

Janet and I will be attending the Andrew Spring Play tomorrow night, too. Itʼs going to be The Wizard of Oz at 7:30 PM in the Andrew School Gym. So, since the post for Friday is already in the chute, hereʼs wishing the cast and crews the very best: Break Legs and Drop Props, Everybody!! (And I hope they appreciate what a great teacher and director they have enjoyed this past year, because he has been outstanding in my opinion.)

I have also been humbly pleased at the worldwide reach of the blog (I know, I know: itʼs the internet; it reaches globally). However, mind recent comments from other nations have made me pause about all of the maunderings I have imposed on the digital universe (particularly this excuse for what I had planned as a series of essays intermixed with vari9us bits of creative writing — no essay here, today).

I hope to get caught up with some real posts on Friday and Saturday (still secretly trying to keep an unbroken run going — oops, perhaps not such a secret now). Satueday and Sunday are already covdered with two more piece of the Villon novelʼs beginning. By the way, I thought of a title — Morte Saison — (itʼs a quote from one of his long poems. Good? Bad? Respond.

Have a great day, world-at-large.

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