Randomness from Midday

Ours are less expensive and less pretty (and do not have a dynamic red paddle), but I liked the outdoor setting in this picture

It’s midday on Tuesday, and I am not working! (After putting in a ten-hour day on Monday, I needed to reduce my hours yesterday to be able to keep working all week.) It almost feels good to relax in the middle of the day, even though I know I have a meeting ahead of me at 3:00 PM. I also have an observation of one of the workers slated for 5:45. Still on a beautifully cloudless day such as this, it feels fine to relax for a while. the wind is picking up outdoors, but it just makes our new wind chimes sound (that was the other purchase that Janet had made on Sunday at Loweʼs).

I had some bills to pay, which along with cleaning up the house in organizing my work materials has killed more than two hours, but I still feel pretty good not working. Am I telling myself something about myself?

I am pleased that the community theater permitted me to make use of their building for work. It makes a good place to meet the crew and carry out business. I just have to remember to cut the weeds growing right across the doorway. Thanks for your excellent citizenship, Peace Pipe Players!

The work schedule has left me little time for reading. However, Babel-17 is done many days ago; Rydra Wong’s adventures and insights are done, whetting my appetite for more Delany. On the other hand, I have some big books purchased over the past many months that might be a more profitable way to spend my time (whatever imaginary time I may have).

One of the many ca-a-alling me…

I bought the new John Irving book the day it came out, I think. It has sat unread on my shelf until now, and as much as I enjoy reading his work that is sad. I also bought A. S. Byattʼs The Children’s Book early this year (regardless of the tepid reviews I had perused), and it too has sat unread since. Likewise for Thomas Pynchonʼs noirish latest, which as a fan of The Crying of Lot 49 I should really enjoy. Writing about Edgar Rice Burroughs has also gotten me to pull the first two Tarzan novels out, originally just to look at, but now I feel tempted toward them as well. I think tht the impossibility of reading while iʼm being stressed by work makes me want to read just about everything.

(Now there was a strange mix of novelty and nostalgia in my reading desires…)

I have taken time to keep up on the news magazines in recent weeks. And now that I have a little money, I may re-subscribe to some of the literary mags I had allowed to lapse in my retirement — The Times Literary Supplement, The London Review, The New York Review of Books. I even saved come-ons for Science News and something else that may receive my attention (assuming there are other days like this). Golly, having money is starting to feel fun (although I must remember that the real reason for taking the job was to help fund a good vacation this year and next).

Possibly I am being too ambitious about spending my not-yet-acquired cash.

This post has given me some pleasure to compose in the middle of a lovely day. Now I had better get back on the workhorse and head up to Bellevue…

©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

2 thoughts on “Randomness from Midday

  1. Save your money, John and read the books from the library!! Denise read The Children’s Book and she said it was “ok”, but I thought the cover was lovely- there is something about the color blue that “speaks” to me.

    • I would, Denise, except I already bought all the ones I mentioned. I did read Possession from the library, but I liked it so well that I ended up buying it anyway, which is why I just went ahead and purchased The Childrenʼs Book myself.

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