Publication news (after a fashion)

Quite a while ago, I actually got published (in a fashion)! Not paid, but you can go to the site/blog and find my poems for yourself.

If you follow the comments on this blog, I have received several peopleʼs approbation for my verse — and from strangers, mind you, not people I already knew. One approver is a huge fan of the poetic form I have presented here four times now — the villanelle. One of my (in my opinion) best  poems is a villanelle, which I posted here all the way back in history on October 6, 2009 — when nobody but me was reading this thing. I was desperately putting up poems of all kinds earlier this year when I had resolved to force myself to write something each day by posting daily for as long as I could keep it up. The second villanelle appeared on January 18, 2010, receiving a lot of attention (relatively speaking, of course, “a lot” for me and this blog). At that time I figured it was the only other villanelle I had ever written (it was the only other one I remembered without looking then). That was the one that caught someoneʼs eye, and he made a very favorable comment, inquiring about reprinting it on his site about a week later.

It took me a while to respond to his generous offer, mostly because I was actually writing creative stuff like stories daily in those days, but I accepted, pointing out to him that I had other villanelles as well, particularly “Busy Music.” He also took a while answering my e-mail, but when he did, he offered to print both of the ones I had previously published plus a third one that I had found in my poetry file and posted on January 22. And eventually I located a fourth (and still presumably last) villanelle, appearing on the blog on March 10.

Well, the news is that you donʼt have to click the links to see my posts of these poems, you can instead go here, to Christos Rigakosʼs site and look me up among the real poets (and others more like me).

His site is “The Villanelle: a blog about all things Villanelle.” And if you click here, mine come up as the featured poems. Even if my name, predictably, varies.

Check it out (repeatedly). I am sure that he, like me here, would appreciate the (multitudinous) hits your (repeated) visits would create.

On a Monday, as I head off to another day of handling Census documents and payroll forms over and over and over and over and over, it has been nice to recall (and of course bring to your attention) my little bout of unpaid publication outside a school or academic setting.

And, speaking of web publication, I donʼt think I have won the Twitter-story contest for which I wrote 21 words in 120 characters. So here is that story in its entirety for your delicatation:

“Twitter sucks,” he said and shot the fool who’d suggested anything of value could be said in fewer than 140 characters.

(I think I at least can see why I did not win anything with that.) And as recent posts have run long (and as always self-indulgent), Iʼll keep this one short. Happy Monday, and have a good week, all.

©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

One thought on “Publication news (after a fashion)

  1. Sorry to hear about “another day of handling Census documents and payroll forms over and over and over and over and over”…but in the scheme of things…could be worst.;-) Enjoyed your post.

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