Grumping for Thursday

I wanted to write a brilliant and witty essay for today, but by 6:00 p.m. yesterday, when I got around to sitting at the computer to compose this post, I found that Qwest Communications DSL had again gone bad somewhere upstream of my humble home network. Again.

So naturally I got mad. Again. (And also switched off my modem for a full minute and then switched it back on, to prove to the Qwest ISP and servers that I did in fact deserve/require an internet connection. Again.)

Qwest fails at providing competent service at least twice a day, making me wonder why I have to pay for “service” that canʼt regularly measure up to demand (also making me grumpy). Of course, miserable, lousy Qwest isnʼt alone among the vile corporate entities plaguing our lives for their profit and our misery.

BP has killed workers and let millions of barrels of crude explode in the Gulf of Mexico for a month now, inadequately clowning at resolutions to their problem. They blame their tawdry and vile companion companies (yeah, I mean you, Halliburton, satanic viceroy of degeneracy) instead of owning up to their own shoddy disaster-preparations, proving repeatedly that corporate turpitude is not confined to our nation alone. (Decades ago, I would never have imagined that I might imagine that Amoco — such a stupid corporate name, right along with Exxon — could seem like a business friend, until they were gone. And I have known since the feds broke up the phone company that Ma Bell did everything better than the supposedly competing lackluster little communication corporations that have sprung up like business toadstools in the fecal matter of our lives).

I am again reminded why I think that corporations should never be trusted whatsoever. Big business wants to do just one thing — make money. And making money is not a worthy endeavor for moral beings, although admittedly we all have to do it in a greed-based, capitalistic society just to exist (talk about moral conundra!). Unlike most individuals, however, corporations have no morality, just anonymous and therefore terrible corporate greed (viz. BP right now). Supposedly, a company provides something — products, services — to the public, for which we are willing to fork over cash, enhancing the companyʼs profit. In reality, companies provide just as little as possible (nothing whatsoever would be ideal — thus cell phone contracts) to make maximum profit for their stockholders (yes, indeed, money not even for not corporate employees, but outsiders whose interest in the corporation and its activities is completely limited simply and blindly to how much cash the corporate cow can put in their equally corporate pockets — viz. the Wall Street/banking fiasco of the last decade[s]*).

Anyone who believes a company has oneʼs individual good at heart, somehow, deserves the society we have created for ourselves (and should also live in padded comfort in an asylum, preferably right on the Louisiana Gulf Coast). And I hope Qwest provides such people their internet service.

“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves, that we are underlings.”
Julius Caesar (I, ii, 140-141)

I admit the quote was said by an envious bad man to prod at another manʼs tragic weakness. But it fits, oh, too closely…

I am not sure this has gotten anything off my chest, but here it was anyway. Thank you for your tolerance (much tested, I admit).

*Come on, who besides naive realtors and hoodwinked home buyers thought the housing bubble was anything except a bubble (viz. the Dutch tulip-bulb bubble of which our housing market was so perfect a reflection)?

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©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

20 thoughts on “Grumping for Thursday

  1. I like the quote “Anyone who believes a company has oneʼs individual good at heart, somehow, deserves the society we have created for ourselves ” because I do like the society we have. I do not think I would like the Hugo Chavez/ Citgo world you would create!
    I just bought some BP stock as I do like to make money (great dividends).
    The oil spill while tragic won’t have any long term effects on the environment (we have the technology to clean it up) BP will continue to make money, increase their stock value and be a charitable corporate citizen.

    Click to access Contributing_to_communities_2005.pdf

    • Ted: what “Hugo Chavez/Citgo world” are you inventing? I never mentioned any such thing (nor would I, dreading ego-maniacal dictators and amoral corporations, both). One really resents having imaginary opinions foisted into oneʼs figurative mouth.

      I wonʼt trash your unsupported assertions (again), but I see no evidence that we have sufficient technology (whatever that is) to clean up the month-long oil flood that could have been prevented in the first place (after all the Righties finally wheeled out Bobby Jingo from hiding in order to squelch about in sludge over the awful disaster his state is undergoing and further anticipating) nor that BP is “charitable” or any kind of a “citizen” (a role reserved for non-anonymous individuals).

      And the fact that BP is making profits from this disaster (for disinterested and unresponsible shareholders like yourself) proves the entire post…

      Have a good day, sir.

  2. If you blindly trust the leftist Obama regime and cheer for the downfall of our capitalistic society the end result is an ego-maniacal socialist controlled world with government controlled corporations like Citgo or Pravda.

    • Why/how is that, Ted? And “regime”? The last apparent regime we endured in the United States (not even actually elected for the first term, as anyone should recall) was ruled by a tyrannical Dick Cheney in the name of the Shrub, as power-mad Righties sapped Americansʼ freedoms more dramatically than at any other time in history (even under Lincoln during the Civil or either World War) while loosing the Big Biz hordes to rape and slash our economy (as we all have suffered since).

      On what basis do you (unsupported) assert your paranoid conclusion about a potential future world? And who indicated a] I was blind (or is that an underhanded stab at my nearsightedness?) or b] that I was trusting the current administration? —All irrelevant to the post (and typical Rightist-dictated counter-argumentative tactics when faced with loss at persuasion, as we revealed so long ago back on Facebook from the FreedomWorks manual of things-to-say-when-faced-with-facts). So much more preferable to think for oneself instead.

      I think now you are just whining again because you voted for losers last time (oh, and as Ryder Schnaithmann noted on FB today: “ I seem to recall a battle cry from the last election. “Drill Baby Drill!” Hows that goinʼ for ya Mrs. Palin?”)

      Glad to have readers, though! Thanks.

  3. Hello, Steph at Qwest here,

    I’m sorry to hear about the frustrating, ongoing connection issue you’ve experienced. Please email me at with your billing phone number, billing address and best contact number. I will have a higher tier technician help you with this issue.

    thank you

    Steph Lake
    Manager, Talk To Qwest Team

    “At Qwest your account information is confidential and protected by law, so I need your permission to access the account.”

    • Blame falls where it belongs, Ted. (And someoneʼs still ducking the issues and changing the subject…)

  4. I would like to think that both Republicans and Democrats alike can agree that the oil spill is directly responsible for mass environmental damage. I’d also like to think that both parties recognize that the damage that has and will be done is not something to be minimized nor applauded in the name of increased profits. Ted, while we may have starkly opposing political differences, should there not be some areas in life where we could come together? Some things in life are bigger than ideological differences, sir.

    And Mr. Burrow, I sadly have experienced the same issues with Quest regarding my internet connection. I am frequently confused about “service charges” that I incur while “service” companies continue to expect me to do the legwork in fixing the problem. Oh how I miss the days when you payed for a service and if any problems were to occur the company would correct them…

  5. I whole-heartedly agree with your assessment of corporate motives and morals (lack of). We should just lump the Supreme Court right in there with the right-wing yahoos. By allowing the corporations to have the same privileges as an individual and to then be allowed to make campaign contributions is an outrage– the result of packing the court with “young” right-wingers” we will have to live with the rest of our lives.

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