Saturday — Good and Termagant Together

Great good has come from my whining on Thursday. And I donʼt just mean so many of you hitting on the site (and/or leaving comments).

The comment from Talk to Qwest has led to some resolution to my issues (financial compensation at least — Kathee, take note). Thank you, very much, Steph! It may be just a gesture on the corporationʼs part, but I am pleased and look forward, I hope, to improved internet service, too. (I know that starting with Thursday I havenʼt noticed the broken connections quite so much — once on Thursday only.) I will be out mowing later on Friday afternoon, so as I prophesied yesterday I did miss the important phone call… even though I waited until after 4:00 p.m. before heading out into the yard.

And now the long Memorial Day weekend has begun, traditional start of summer (more on that for Monday). Janet and I have to prepare for her grandmotherʼs funeral (I told you about that yesterday), but we still have other plans for the holiday time here at hand. Enjoy life while you have it to enjoy.

I wonʼt say much today, since I am planning to have posts to cover several days all ready to go before I start my mowing (yesterday afternoon in my real time). Mondayʼs is done (I actually started with that one), and tomorrowʼs will continue my Sepharad story — with the completion of chapter one sometime later on, perhaps next weekend. Real life off the computer keyboard has too much to fill my time and attention just now.

“Death in the Afternoon” is what I call this shot of the pile of garpulousness at Gasser True Value

click to see the health-endangering dreck piles up close and personal

However, I will note that the Great Inconsideration in our backyard — Gasser True Value, a local impediment deliberately tempting my wrath with their callous behavior daily — has imported a huge quantity of cancer-causing creosote-soaked lumber, and the stench has filled our house, limiting my desire to have to work hard outdoors mowing and thus breathe deeply of the poisonous effluence. (I notice the vile stuff is featured nowhere on their website, cleverly, as itʼs illegal in many states.)

Please let blithely unconcerned local manager Dan Schmidt — who has with definition snubbed and disregarded our complaints, abetted by Maquoketaʼs city manager Brian Wagner — know how you feel about their poor neighborliness (if not outright slow killing of us in their proximity).

I am not even addressing the excessive and calculated noise they make or other mercenary and unkind behavior back in that area behind the business. Or the excessively brilliant, glaringly blinding night lighting that isnʼt shielded above, as they had agreed to do, years ago…

From their website, for your assistance:

Gasser True Value Hardware / Just Ask Rental
111 Westgate Drive
Maquoketa, IA 52060
Phone 563-652-2446
Fax 563-652-4926

Monday – Friday:     7:00 am – 8:00 pm
Saturday:               7:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday:                 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

And weʼll let that be the news from Casa Woebegone for today (a tiny reminder that Garrison Keillor is still on the air weekly…)

Black Termination — have they been taking lessons from/for BP?

©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

12 thoughts on “Saturday — Good and Termagant Together

  1. OK Mr. Burrow, I do hope that you find the humor that I found in the comment that is to follow. I really appreciated your colorful depiction of True Value’s utter disregard for environmental issues and so I shared it with my smartass husband…His comment was, “Who wrote that, Stewey?” Stewey is our favorite character from Family Guy.

    As a side note, I’m happy that you were able to receive financial compensation. That RARELY ever happens for me when dealing with Qwest.

  2. Dude… You live in a farm oriented community, creosote fence posts are the best for long term life. Wouldn’t this be green as fewer trees would need to be cut down.

    Get rid of Agribusiness get rid of Maquoketa.
    Quite hung over from last night. Damn.. maybe it’s the creosote!

      • I need to investigate if the rumors I hear about Wisconsin and Illinois not permitting creosote sales are true (and thus explain Wisconsin-based Gasserʼs interest in finagling the effective smuggling of the stuff from here to those states). We do see a to of non-Iowan vehicles out back (now and then) to pick up supplies of the black-death logs…

  3. Mr. Burrow, I sincerely apologize for taking your well intentioned blog into another direction, however; I feel I must respond to Ted’s previous comment. Ted, how very kind of you it is to FINALLY refer to Kai via the use of a PRONOUN! I mean seriously, Ted! What has it been now… SIX MONTHS?! One can only imagine the utter surprise I experienced upon first hearing the voice of and then seeing up close the face of what I had presumed to be a (perhaps slightly overweight) lesbian. And I am afraid that I now have poor old Mr. and Mrs. Weirup convinced that Mrs. Brown’s son has undergone a sex change operation in order to live life as a lesbian. The three of us were even looking for Kai’s graduation year photo in order to confirm his gender in younger years.

    I guess that my plan of slipping into my old high school unnoticed failed miserably! It’s probably not every day that a scandal of this magnitude breaks out in good old Andrew, Iowa. Wow… Just wow!!!

    As a side note, now that Kai has given me permission to formally “out him,” I must say… he is by far the most handsome lesbian that I have ever met!

  4. This lesbian bitch (female dog) owns a Stewie t-shirt. Stewie is also my favorite Family Guy character. I do see a few similarities between John and Stewie.

    Yes. It is true Kathee expected me to be an overweight lesbian. I was wondering why you kept on referring to me as “Sista” in your Facebook messages, Kathee. To avoid any confusion, I am really 100% heterosexual and I am also 100% male without man boobs . . .well at least not yet.

    Mrs. Weirup is probably still wondering if I had a sex change operation. I made her life hell for most of my childhood years. She did kick me out of Bible School. What the hell! Let’s let her wonder for awhile.

    Not sure what advantage I would gain from a sex change operation when I am still attracted to women, but if I fell in love with a lesbian . . . just maybe . . . well maybe not! I am getting really confused, and although I am very tolerant of others’ sexual orientation, I have to admit I am not willing to be that “liberal” when it involves surgery below my own belt.

    Weren’t we suppose to be talking about creosote?

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