All good things (as well as things otherwise) must and do come to an end. A year ago I was ending my teaching career (even though I still had about three weeks of cleaning out my classroom ahead of me; I hope my successor, who is himself moving onto greener pastures for next school year, has less work of that kind to do). And even my cleaning up eventually reached its conclusion.

This year, I have been looking forward to wrapping up my temporary job with the federal government, but little things kept dragging it out so that I and some of my crew wound up working almost two full weeks longer than I had basically planned. But ultimately everything ends.

And I am finished working for the Census. The big bosses may send some more double-checking our way via my FOS, but at least for now, I am my own man at last, free and easy and available to do all those little household tasks Janet has had in mind for months now. Like perhaps arranging to have our driveway redone…

I had figured to work for six weeks, which turned out to extend to eight (although this last was only a half-week and most of the crew wasnʼt doing anything, although I was).

But now itʼs done. I took yesterday afternoon actually off, writing only this pathetic little not-quite-a-post and otherwise vegetating completely, having I guess exhausted myself negotiating tiny little go-cart lanes in a private vacation village where no one should have been surprised to find most of the “residences” vacant on April 1. My apologies for celebrating the end of this job with doing absolutely nothing (for once-ish).

We will continue with the Sepharad story tomorrow.

©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

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