Longest a third time

Here are three more parts of my so-called longest poem. (I spent Saturday afternoon reading back over the Mantorville story in “Longer Items” and fixing some minor mistakes, trying to get myself ready to work today on writing some more. I also have to get into digital form the fifty pages, handwritten, that currently exist on the Sepharad fantasy tale, which in my writing has almost reached a climax, starting the denouement in chapter 6. It actually feels a little odd to get back into writing mode.)

About todayʼs portion of the poem…

Part 6 archaeologically deals with the invention of fire, of which we havenʼt much evidence yet (as noted below through the use of the near-incantatory list of prehistoric fire sites). Fire links to cooking, which as Lévi-Strauss observed is a key step or distinction in human evolution (from eating food raw), which brings us to DNA (biochemistry and evolution, I suppose) and back to hidden Structure(s).

Part 7 brings the visible universe down to earth through a kind of contemporary fire-use, returning the astronomical themes along with death (more biology perhaps).

Oxen and the alphabet get the Kabbalistic elements stewing again in part 8.

Two further parts will soon conclude this not-epic.

Ayn-Sof (continued)


Nine very ancient sites show evidence,
certain or possible, of fire use,
reaching back as far as one-point-five million years ago.
Four are African, two Chinese and three European:

Chesowanja, Karari, Yuanmou, Gadeb,
L’Escale, Olorgesailie, Terra Amata, Vertezollos.

More recently, use of fire is obvious everywhere
from the more modern Paleolithic to the present.

Paleochronologists can date organic material by measuring
relative amounts of radioactive carbon-14,
knowing the natural half-life of such material ―
occurring as only a single atom among
million million naturally here on earth ― is
5730 years:

and carbon is necessary in the twentysome amino acids
comprising all the varied proteins which make life work,
including wood to burn and meat with vegetables to roast.

A thousandtimes less complex than a protein or an enzyme
is the spiral molecule of deoxyribonucleic acid,
winding and unwinding an acidshaping dance
every time a living cell divides,
bearing in its assortments of polypeptide bases
(adenine, cytosine, guanine and thymine)


which with incandescent chemistry encodes
the primal names of life.


After first in June of 1983
voting to install high-pressure sodium
the San Diego city council reversed itself
six to three
in February of the next year and
redecided in favor of twofrequency
low sodium lamps.
The choice prevented further
light pollution
of the night skies
for astronomers using
the nearby 200-inch reflecting telescope
at the Mount Palomar Observatory.
Acrimonious dissent
was voiced by one councilman
who felt the yellowish illumination
made pedestrians look like corpses.




The initial letter of the alphabet
began its history as a consonant,
a pictographic representation
in the written traditions of
Ugaritic, Aramaic
and other North and West Semitic languages
about four thousand years ago.

The original symbol signified an ox.

The English vowel is pronounced
with some seven different sounds.

©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

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