Annoyances Update

With nothing else to discuss, and with my apologies and humble requests for your indulgence, I find that itʼs time to whine a little more. Some late-May events made me think that perhaps this blog might get some notice, so here we go again…

My Qwest for Uninterrupted Internet Continues

Although I felt quite happy about Qwest noticing my relatively recent complaint (within seven hours) on this forum and felt rewarded that I would receive a small financial compensation for their interruptive internet service (and I did receive one call on the Friday before Memorial Day from their service support department), things havenʼt seemed so rosy today (that would be yesterday/Tuesday for you readers). Not only has no one followed up on that one call (and itʼs been much more than a week now), Tuesday the service went bad twice (so far; let us hope there are no more by dayʼs end) — at 11:48 and again at 2:48. Not very impressive, especially since later last week I had at least one interruption a day on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

I guess I must keep whining.

Death in the Air Today?

Furthermore, on the slow-death-by-creosote front (thanks to Gasser True Value of Maquoketa — annoyances by the truckload, bad neighborliness on a daily, no:  hourly, basis), Tuesday was a rainy day, so I anticipate today (that would be today, too, Wednesday) will be a fog of creosote vapors enveloping the house and neighborhood. Although the creosote-soaking is supposed to protect the wood from wet and weathering, rainfall seems to drive the stuff out into the air in a major way. Not that they care down there in the pit of miasmal fetor. They donʼt.

Specifically, the local manager Dan Schmidt (phone 563-652-2446) doesnʼt care — not one iota, although he has been asked and asked. Neither does our unesteemed city manager, Brian Wagner (phone:  563-652-2484; e-mail by name at, who apparently would rather suck up to businesses than heed taxpayersʼ complaints.

Let them know how I feel. Please. (Oh, and click the link in the paragraph above to enjoy again the photos of those vile black logs of doom emanating their mortal stink.)

Iʼll add a comment on Wednesday to reveal the actual creosote-stench level for today. (And since I havenʼt taken the time to investigate creosoteʼs actual deadliness or illegality in Midwestern states, there will probably be another post on this smelly topic in the future.)

Personal and a Meatloaf Recipe

On a personal note, I did some writing work yesterday, including dictating a thousand new words for the Villon novel (of which you can read chapters 1 and maybe 2 here) and some of the many handwritten pages of the Sepharad story. Nothing actually new written yesterday (except this: I seem to do okay on blog posts), unless I create some after finishing this and making supper — meatloaf today:

  • a tube of ground turkey;
  • a box of shredded spinach;
  • chopped up mushrooms;
  • diced onion;
  • seasonings such as Greek spice, Italian herbs, A-1 and/or Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, barbecue sauce, garlic, garlic salt, onion powder, pepper;
  • oatmeal oats and/or bread crumbs;
  • tomato sauce

— all hand combined and mixed well together, then mashed into a loaf pan with a dose of tomato sauce on the top and baked in the oven for an hour or so at 350º to 375º).

I will also have to go vote in the primaries with Janet when she gets home, too.

One particular bright spot illuminated the otherwise gray day. I accidentally discovered that HBO was showing one of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Concerts about 3:00 (perhaps there is some use to having those movie channels, after all), and really enjoyed the whole thing, from Paul Simon right through Jeff Beck and Springsteen to the end (including the many “guest stars,” naturally). The experience made me realize why I like rock (and the film would be educational and stimulating for the narrower-minded young whose tastes run only to pop of late, it seems sometimes). And so I lost an hour and a half of the day to something I enjoyed.

I also read about Moorish Spain for an hour or so right after Janet left for work in the morning, having actually gotten out of bed and done my (right now unusual) jog/run in the pre-rain predawn. Maybe that genuine bit of exercise set me up for a better day than Monday was.

Letʼs hope all your Wednesdays are going great. Here in Iowa at least it will be sunny!

Once again, call with our complaints on the black logs of death to:

  • Dan Schmidt (phone 563-652-2446)
  • Brian Wagner (phone:  563-652-2484; e-mail by name at
©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

10 thoughts on “Annoyances Update

  1. Hello again, Steph here again,

    I’m sorry you’re still having trouble and you haven’t been recontacted since our last attempt to resolve the issue. I sent your information back over to my specialist to follow up with you again today.

    Thank you

    Steph Lake
    Manager, Talk To Qwest Team

    “At Qwest your account information is confidential and protected by law, so I need your permission to access the account.”

    • Okay. This comment is spam pure and simple, but I couldnʼt resist letting it post. I always imagined trying to make money from my esoteric knowledge (I did read Tarot at parties in college), but I am just not a baldfaced con artist (unlike this dude, I guess).

      Or maybe I should tempt you all to invest in my Kabbalistic, Illuminatistic, Catharistic, NeoPlatonic, Jungian foolproof stock investment plan…

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