Clip Art, such a great concept…

As I write, itʼs growing dark again, indicating yet more rain. Itʼs Wednesday, 23 June 2010 (so yesterday for most of my anticipated readers), and we were supposed to have rain today/yesterday. Again. It was supposed to begin after midnight, probably about 3:00 a.m., continuing into the mid-morning. And it did exactly that. Glorified with incredible (and, for some, terrifying) displays of lightning interjecting the darkness and orchestrated with grumblings and crashes of thunder. The rain ceased darkly for a while about the time Janet went to work, although I believe she drove northward into what came down here about 8:00 and continued, at first with more flashing and rumbles, through most of the morning. And it rained quite hard both in the night and the day.

(At least weʼre not suffering the flash flooding further south and east.)

Then it was just overcast, and I actually turned on the light somewhat to read in the living room (the coolest room in the house) — The Return of Tarzan and Assegai (the newest Wilbur Smith — hmmm, do I perceive an African theme to my leisurely reading choices? Really profound stuff, too, I know — although I do have in mind a little discourse on the first Tarzan…). Then it began to clear, and from shortly after noon until slightly after three it was actually sunny (and of course started to get hot-ish — feeling pretty close and humid). But then the darkness closed in again, bleak enough to get me to turn on a light here in the office so I could see what I was doing, and then just like that, more rain (right now as I type).

But it lasted (so far) just a few minutes, and now at 4:00, the sky is even brightening enough to feel like day again. (In fact, later, by not-quite-five, posting time for me, there is a wide swath of palest blue across the western horizon.)

I wouldnʼt ordinarily profile rainfall so much, but rain has become a natural part of our Iowa lives on an almost daily basis for the past couple of weeks with only a sunny day every third day. I have begun to wonder if the dankness, darkness and nearly constant rain “helped” me slothfully vegetate into the nonproductive, barely exercising lump of something-less-than-humanity that I have become. Of course, every raining morning means I stay abed and donʼt arise before 5:00 a.m. to run, as I should have done.

Evidently, we have been caught on a stalled cold front along which storms have been regularly traversing like trains all the way from Oklahoma through my neck of the woods and Illinois and Indiana and Ohio to eventually pelt the Northeast. Right now I am hoping tomorrow is indeed, as predicted, a sunny day because I need to mow again (boy, do I ever). Neighbor Levi got his in yesterday (a moderately sunny day; the rain passed north and south of us in the morning on Tuesday, which is why I was able to get out and go aCensusing and visiting the old schoolgrounds), but I more than simply prefer to mow just once a week, and so far this summer Thursdayʼs become my day, so although I washed out our birdbath and tried annihilating bugs, as I told you, the mowing is saved for today/Thursday.

Unnaturally, tomorrow/today is going to be messed up for chores because the Census, after effectively dismissing my dutiful dredging for information Tuesday morning, called me back to service Wednesday afternoon: time to collect everyoneʼs badges, bags and paraphernalia. Just one hitch — it all must be complete by Friday morning. Nice short notice. But I called all my people and let them know I would be available at the office (as we called it) only this morning and more briefly tomorrow. I should be able (rainfalls permitting) to use up this afternoon going through my lengthening mowing procedure. However, that fullness of activity today (tomorrow for me, you know) also means that I should prepare a Friday post now (which is still after 4:00 p.m. Wednesday) because my Thursday just evaporated as far as free time goes.

Probably ending this and starting another more worthwhile post is what I should do.

But before I leave you to your own devices, donʼt forget: rid the western Maquoketa atmosphere of death fumes! Your culprits on call are:

  • Dan Schmidt, store manager, Gasser True Value [no truth in advertising there] (phone 563-652-2446)
  • Brian Wagner, Maquoketa City Manager (phone:  563-652-2484; e-mail by name at maqcity@maquoketaia.com)
©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

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