Dear Diary…

Recently I remarked that I am a terrible diarist. As my job exhausts and consumes my life lately, I realized I could easily and thoughtlessly deliver an amusing (or not) post or two by reproducing my most recent journal attempt. When I acquired MacSpeech Dictate and its associated (and required) headset microphone, I at first decided that I would start each dayʼs writing session by creating a brief daily journal, dictated straight to the computer. The procedure would give me practice using the software and microphone and help the software recognize my speech and preferred sets of words. And it did work that way until I got lazier and less diligent starting the writing sessions in that fashion and even worse as I went to work for the 2010 Census and had even less time to do what I wanted.

(By the way, “daily journal” is redundant phrase as the word journal merely records phonetically a sloppy pronunciation of the Latin-derived word diurnal, which means “daily,” so all those “Journal” newspapers out there are supposed to appear every day. Diary also arose from the same Latin root, in this case the variant dia, meaning day, so connotations that diaries are somehow effeminate and excessively personal while journals are more masculine and objective aside, diary and journal are exact synonyms.)

Here is what I dictated for four days back in February. You may well have to ignore more of the same soon.


Monday, 15 February 2010

An enjoyable weekend. Went out for lunch at the Decker House on Saturday. Had cheesy potato soup and salad. Invented shrimp dish with Janet for dinner. Sunday: went down to Café Indigo in Davenport. Had vegetable panini and squash/carrot soup.

At Borders bought Silverberg Roma Eterna, at Barnes & Noble bought R. E. H. El Borak.

Watched Olympics in evening, ate bag of popcorn, also three Snowy Evenings.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Accomplished nothing much yesterday. Two movies: Proof of Life in the afternoon, and another I don’t remember from the morning. I was supposed to go shopping for groceries, but didnʼt. Made buttercup squash and salmon for supper. Ate an entire tube of Pringles while watching afternoon movie. Salmon burger with lettuce on a bun for lunch. Wrote a post on dictation that I probably wonʼt post, although it is scheduled for Friday. Restarted MacSpeech Dictate, since deleting extra profiles made it crash, and on restart had to begin afresh.

Janet home about 7:10. Olympics in the evening: freestyle cross on snowboards and ice pairs.

What did I watch in the morning? No clue… It really is amazing how much time I can waste and have nothing to show for it. We will see if I can do better today.

Started reading El Borak yesterday evening.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Yesterday zipped by faster than I could ever have realized. Not a very productive day either. Once again, no run, though I should have, could have. Bought groceries at both Fareway and Aldi. Ate two waffles dry for lunch  — infinitely better than my overeating on Monday  — and made crunchy beef bake wrong for supper. Although I gave myself plenty of time in the evening for the crunchy beef bake, somehow I forgot the large can of tomatoes in the recipe. Janet of course discovered the error and corrected me. She did figure a way to warm the tomatoes and add them later. Olympics last night again: menʼs figure skating, women’s snowboard cross.

Went back to bed this morning, having awakened feeling not very good. Janet also insisted that I needed to add the noodles to the turkey soup weʼve been making right away this morning. One more time she wasnʼt pleased with me yesterday evening was when she tasted the soup; it seemed watery to her. Letʼs hope she likes it tonight.

Running out of story for “Mantorville.” And I just reconsidered the Friday post on using MacSpeech Dictate, so Iʼve got a bunch of writing I must do today.

1:15—just realized it’s Ash Wednesday.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Another bad day yesterday. Things got me very frustrated — for no apparent reason — when I was doing things not on the computer. Iʼm beginning to think I may be getting addicted or something.

Today was actually worse although I held my temper. The computer started acting up when I was trying to send an e-mail and then insisted on restarting in “safe mode.“ Something was clearly wrong, but I never figured out what was. My only clue was that the extended keyboard is insisting on typing in in all capital letters. Once I disconnected it, for the third restart, the computer started in its normal fashion.

On the other hand I also had to retrain MacSpeech Dictate again today. This is the third time for this problem. I got the stinking program last Thursday, trained it then; I deleted excess profiles on Monday, the program crashed, and when it started I had no profiles and had to retrain it again; unfortunately today two mysterious extra profiles, dated today, appeared on this third restart, and I foolishly deleted them, and I had to retrain MacSpeech Dictate for the third time. I know the lesson is not to delete the extra profiles, but I don’t know which one to pick when I’m activating them when the computer starts up, when they occur.

Activities for yesterday included finishing up Janetʼs turkey soup, which, although I boiled it possibly too long in the morning, turned out all right, and we each enjoyed a bowl and a half last night.

For food yesterday I ate one waffle and a salmon burger sandwich for lunch. Between us we consumed a tube of soda crackers for supper, along with our soup, and I also ate 100-calorie pack of popcorn after supper. I also made two Snowy Evenings during the afternoon.

I still havenʼt gone running. I keep finding excuses. This morning I got all dressed, but Janet wanted me to do chores cleaning the house before her sister Diane and brother-in-law Steve, come on Friday evening for a visit. So of course the chores became my workout. Ha ha. I do have to deliver an audio book that sheʼs done with to the library today. I hope I turn that activity into at least a walk. Unfortunately, I wasted the whole morning just trying to get the computer to work — after doing at least some of the chores sheʼs ordered. Right now it is 12:08, and I should get some work done.

I still havenʼt started the Silverberg novel. Does anyone know why certain blog posts are tagged, like this one very appropriately, “Kitty”?

©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

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