A Whole Lot of Nothing Much

Iʼll try to save the scintillating titles “Potpourri” and “Miscellany” for other days, but thatʼs essentially what this is today: considerations on work, weather and working out. Go on. Swallow hard and read ahead…

Posting an addition to “Mantorville” didnʼt seem to stir up much excitement around the blogosphere, even though it was nearly three months since I had last posted anything in that tale. So I thought I would return to the regular daily update notion, regardless how much or little I have to say.

Back at work is the big theme of my life lately. I told you about my fourteen-hour day. I also spent four hours on Saturday, essentially without breaks (for three and a half) just checking in the first batch of work, minus whatever I got accomplished before meeting my boss on Friday (about fifty questionnaires). She let us escape daily meetings for the weekend (thankfully), but that meant I had better than 200 EQs to check over and at least 100 new work binders to check and sign (thus another four solid hours of work yesterday afternoon). This could be a very busy week. I just hope I can keep under forty hours, as required…

Once again, I think I have a very fine crew, although only two of them are repeaters from my first operation. They all seem to be doing a fantastic job with very little time in which to accomplish the mission. In fact, several members are already done with their workloads. One has taken on the binders of a girl whose car is laid up for the week, while the second may be visiting the big city to our south to assist those districts. If we can keep it up, meaning if the crew can keep me well buried in work to check, we should be easily able to meet our deadline this week.

And thatʼs about all I can devise to say about work. This project is pretty much identical to the last, except that we are now annoying the public sometimes for the fourth time, and some of our citizenry is often angry about that. The workers have dealt with those issues pretty well so far, but I would not want to work on another public-contacting mission. Honestly, I will be glad to end my association when this operation ceases, no matter what.

Yesterday morning both Janet and I headed off to work in fog, an experience we havenʼt endured or enjoyed (I kind of like foggy mornings myself) for more than a month. I remember a couple of lightly foggy drives to Bellevue during the last operation in early or mid-May but nothing since then and not much of that nature before those days. It was still a little earth-cloudy as I drove to DeWitt later on, but while I was meeting with the southern portion of the crew, the sun certainly came out, and the interior of my truck was pretty steamy as I unloaded binders onto my boss for transport to Cedar Rapids. She got four of those warm boxes of completed work to stuff into her minivan. (And the true heat is supposed to move in tonight for the rest of the week, with highs up toward or over 90º through the weekend.)

Then, through the afternoon, as I labored over checking in the work I had collected myself, the rain set in (heavier to the south, as I heard on the six oʼclock news), continuing from about three right up through the evening until bedtime. I ran to the mailbox for two letters (both bills), and Janet drove home in rain and off again in rain to go exercise. (I am hoping there is no rain to offer an excuse for me not to get up early and run today.)

Janet has found a new activity for her exercise on Mondays, not up at the Y in Dubuque. She is taking a Zumba class with our friend, Erica, and Janet enjoys it a lot. Since Erica teaches her class here in Maquoketa, Janet drives home right after work (an oddity for her except on Fridays), changes here into workout togs and heads out to begin her hour of dancing at 6:30. Erica has posted calorie-burning counts on Facebook, and they do a respectable amount of sweating. Janet keeps asking me to go along (jokingly, I hope), but everyone there is female, and I tend to feel I stand out in the crowds I am in enough as it is. The only downside is that Janet doesnʼt get to eat supper until after 8:00 nowadays, on Mondays.

…And that takes us through work (boring), weather (boring), and Janetʼs workouts on Mondays (not boring). Iʼd talk about my own running, but I still havenʼt gotten back in the rut after last week. The fog and simple weariness put me out soundly, even though the alarm chirped noticeably at 4:45. I think I appreciated the extra sleep that I immediately dozed into after silencing the alarm. But I didnʼt run, and I must get back in the groove. Certainly this morning. (Uh huh, right.)

Anyway, Iʼve driveled on enough. Depending on how demanding work turns out to be today, perhaps I will have something more imaginative or interesting to post tomorrow.

©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

2 thoughts on “A Whole Lot of Nothing Much

    • Sadly you may have a long wait, Dave. Much as I want an homage to HPL, I have my own vision/version of terror for the eventual climax. But weʼll see (both of us).

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