Tax Dollars at Work

once again the cartoon guy has hair, and his computer is clearly a Windoze model; furthermore, I donʼt do my current paid job at the computer; substitute the caffeine with rum; click the picture for the source

I will be honest with you. There is a lovely rum punch sitting on my desk on the absorbent Grateful Dead “Stealie”-icon Thirstystone® coaster on this hot-and-getting-more-humid day. I gave you a picture of that beverage before, so you can just imagine it if you need to. And this post will be only as long as I have time to type before Janet gets home from work. (So there!)

The question is: why? Yes, itʼs fairly hot — 85º here in the office (and I just recently turned on the air conditioner in our bedroom to prepare a more comfortable sleeping environment later tonight — Friday, yesterday). And yes, I finished mowing in the sweating-making humid heat about 3:00. But itʼs right now about 5:30, and itʼs what has filled those middle two-and-a-half hours that makes the punch such a desirable necessity: work.

Normally, I work the mornings, with “office” meetings for my crew here in Maquoketa and then later in the morning down in DeWitt (which I discovered finally that my Garmin GPS believes is two words — itʼs not — like LaMotte, also not two words). Then my boss meets with me right after the DeWitt session to gather all the stuff I have acquired and checked to hand in.  For this operation, with the two-meeting system, my normal work-morning has taken five hours, counting the drivetime, which is when I must mandatorially take a lunch break. (Evidently, I just invented a word in that last sentence; the spellchecker is freaking out and I didnʼt make a typo.)

This past week I then had to work some hours in the afternoon going over newly acquired questionnaires and doing my accounting on how many EQs and work binders had come through and how much work remained to be done. (Yesterday/Friday we were down to just about 60 questionnaires and 21 binders to go!) I strove mightily on Friday morning to get all the work done during the meeting times — proofing the forms and signing in the books and roughing out my records — so I would not need to work in the afternoon (partly so I could, as I already indicated, mow the yard, and partly so I could keep my hours trimmed enough to permit me five hours for today/Saturday morning and final meetings).

But work blew up big time about 3:00, as people stopped by the house to drop off (incomplete) workloads and check out, or others called with questions and problems. I had to spend time reassigning two cases on incredibly short notice just so we could get them done by today (I hope). So there went precious time. I guess itʼs nice to know that I can get the overtime I will have to put in for, but I was trying hard to avoid that, as the permitted overtime was supposed to allow workers from my district to go help out in other districts this weekend (meaning yesterday and today). Itʼs been hectic. Thus the rum punch.

Oops. The (first) drink is finished, and Janetʼs not quite home yet. However, I still have to copy this information over into WordPress, annotate/link some things and post it. So weʼre done for today. Sorry. Assuming Janet does her usual weekly phone call with her sister this afternoon/Saturday, maybe I can do better for tomorrow. (But I doubt it.)

See you (sort of) then. (At least the Census job is over, more or less, today.)

©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

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