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As I have started again to attempt a more-or-less regular journal, I thought I would finish the series of old entries that I had posted earlier, here and here. If nothing else, trying to compose a daily record (well, more or less daily) has gotten me to use MacSpeech Dictate more regularly, again.

We left off at the end of February/early March, so here are the remaining entries from those early attempts. I am amused just how fast the regularity fell off as substitute teaching increased and then I got the job with the Census.

Tuesday, March 3, 2010

Subbed today, all day, Mr. Mac. All went well, some classes were even fun and enjoyable. During his lunch/sixth hour prep I churned out 7 to 8 pages of Mantorville. Was going to dictate it now, after school, but I took too long checking mail and Facebook and getting Turner Classic Movies to send me e-mail reminders of March movies I might want to watch. Thank goodness tomorrowʼs blog post was already done. All I had to do was add in a new paragraph or two and make one change I forgot to change yesterday.

Currently reading: Moorcock’s The Fortress of the Pearl, Howard’s El Borak, and Kuttner/Moore collection Two-Handed Engine.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Watching two of the neighbor children play in their backyard on Monday evening, I was enchanted by the two young girls. They were using sticks as play swords. And I was interested that the older one was so caring of her younger sister, instead of using her greater size to simply dominate the play combat. With her long dark hair caught in a flowing ponytail, her body enbulked in a red, puffy thermal coat, as she bobbed and weaved and accepted thrusts from her sister, she never simply overpowered the littler child. In my own youth my younger brother Paul and I frequently played combat games in the yard. For hours. For entire days. Unfortunately I never showed the tender care of this lovely girl, seeking myself always to be the top dog, the dominant figure, the star in our little narratives. It was always The Adventures of John and Paul, me first, notice, never Paul and John. I have a lot to learn, and it makes me sad, even today.

Yesterday, I was proud when the House passed the healthcare reform bill! Today I took the test to apply to be a census taker.

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Just discovered Scrivener, in association with an update to PDFPen. As of right now, it appears to work well with MacSpeech Dictate! I’m excited.

Substituted both Monday and Tuesday. Monday was my experience with third graders. Although I was nervous, not really knowing what the procedures of elementary were, it went very well. I really liked third-graders, and they at least pretended to like me. I wanted to take their picture at the end of the day, but I only had my cell phone, not my camera. I see them again on Monday, April 12, for Art fifth period, and I intend to shoot them then.Yesterday, was my first time teaching Art. Except for one class of 14 later in the day, it was a breeze — just two or three students each period. I wrote five pages of my Sepharad story, getting Søren and Nathan into the Red Tower and down to the floor where they expect to find the jade statuette. Also gave blood after school.

Sent Stephen his birthday card today.

Have been awakening at 5:00 AM to run. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday last week (since I had to substitute all day on Wednesday — and took the tests to be a census taker Tuesday morning). Monday, Tuesday, and today — so far — this week. Just 4 miles still, but I’m doing it, and it feels better to have it done at 7:30 than have it looming ahead of me.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Clearly I haven’t written any of these in a long time. I did keep subbing, but of course the Census called, and I had to drop subbing for that. Last week I drove daily to Eldridge for crew leader training, Monday through Thursday. This week I have been desperately trying to get organized and prepared to train a crew of enumerators. I just got off the phone from calling 17 people scheduled for my session at the Maquoketa Community Center. Unfortunately most of those calls ended in a message on their machine, which means I’ll probably have to call them all back soon.

The Census is still the big news. Not much to report otherwise, except that yesterday in connection with my Census work I decided to buy a GPS for the truck (which can also be transferred to Janet’s car). So far I like having it a lot.

Please notice how MacSpeech incorrectly prefers digits to words (“4 miles” instead of “four miles”). It also made me laugh on Saturday, while dictating new journals, that the program knew Kahlúa (right down to the correct diacritical marking, as I just made it insert here as well). Funny what the programmers think is important to include automatically.

Sadly, no one has attempted to guess why “Kitty.” Have the Holocaust Deniers won so much of the day (wrongly and vilely)?

I quit (at least so far, with a bookmark in place) partway through the Morcock novel (it got dreary and dull for me, sorry Mr. Michael), and the El Borak and Kuttner books are short story collections (novelettes or novellas for Howard), so I can read one or two and put the volume aside for awhile, as I have done with both. I also acquired via used books on the internet  —, ebay or (I donʼt remember which one) Howardʼs historical stuff, so I have also been dipping into that, even as I have also been working my way through the Leiber Fafhrd and Gray Mouser series again (good to investigate what I donʼt want to unconsciously use for Judah and Søren, whose adventure I must update here soon).

Right now, as of the past weekend, I am finishing a third-reread of Wilbur Smithʼs old The Sunbird, the book I first bought in 1972 that introduced me to his stuff. As with Tarzan, I may just have a literary essay to post on that book.

I really do have  to discuss my pleasure with Scrivener one of these days as well…

©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

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