Not an FHF®, Really… Itʼs Not…

I just got kind of scared… Again. On Facebook.

My Newsfeed has me concerned.

I acknowledge, if anyone whoʼs been reading this blog needed the clarification, that on my Facebook page you wonʼt find any comfortably numb flags flying figuratively to indicate my weakminded submission to the preachments of hidebound zealots with no religious perspective or Constitutional understanding (although the FoxNewsHeads are all still yammering their tired tirades about their misnamed “Ground Zero Mosque”). I completely fail to perceive what is nobly “American” about narrowminded bigotry and disrespect for others. I thought we fought a Civil War, endured Reconstruction and struggled finally for Civil Rights to deny and undo (ineptly) that dark and evil, fetid armpit of U.S. history. (These are American Muslims wanting to build in NYC and not al-Qaeda terrorists, regardless what nonexistent nonevidence Foxautomatons flash around onscreen, and John Stewart has already skewered the recent “follow the money” deception.) I had thought that everyone, inspired by my usually least favorite President, had decided nearly nine years ago that degenerating into terrified weasels rather than arising to genuine American ideals was playing into the terroristsʼ plans, so it was best to conserve our generous, traditional values rather than succumb to fear and resulting uncivil hatred. So I wonʼt be flying that flag of fear, intolerance and terror.

“Those were the days, my friend / We thought theyʼd never end…”

Or should I, like some broadcast and published commentators, blame the current economy for the moral perversion of so many (because it must be forgivable to turn into wildeyed, malevolent abominators just because big corporations prefer to pay stock benefits to buddies rather than hire workers to make and sell stuff)? In times of economic threat, itʼs easy to turn like rabid dogs on convenient scapegoats. Or so I have heard. Thatʼs yet another poor excuse for not measuring up to the standards that should be ours as a nation. (And, of course, as Righitst screaming heads loudly instruct us, we must all dutifully be terrified of governmental efforts to ease such economic tremors of unfettered capitalism, seismic plunges that once again donʼt appear to hurt the big-time capitalists whatsoever, just the ordinary underpaid working stiffs.)

But I have said this already, a week ago.

I am just wearied and frightened by the deliberate moral blindness sweeping the Right (and the Fundamentalist Right in particular). But totalitarian intolerance scares me (I said that before, also). So, no, I wonʼt be stupefied by TeaPot chanteuses tunefully braying the fourth verse of “The Star-Spangled Banner” as some kind of (incorrect and inadequate) proof that our eminently not-Evangelical founders (never) wished to create what one hurtful sliver of contemporary “Christianity” wrongfully hankers to metamorphose/degrade the country into. Nope, we are not and cannot be a theocracy — itʼs Constitutionally guaranteed.

All the shrill, demented and lying screeds of the religious right are just wrong: Islam is simply another monotheism, a sibling faith, or at least close cousin creed, to Christianity (and Judaism). Allah is simply God in another language, kids, regardless what loveless, execrating pastors preach (and yeah, with a load of other scripture to hamper any mutual understanding, just like ours, and a mutual load of misdeeds in history for everyone to overcome). As they say, we are all People of the Book (well, in these dire days of religious wrongness, perhaps that “we” doesnʼt include me). The only ones who donʼt understand are mentally straightjacketed, intolerant fundamentalists (of both denominational families) irrationally, meticulously and willfully closing their wild eyes to the truth.

The recent news of hate-crime stabbing in New York City is —

…And I had to stop there because I realized that my crop of debased websites was just scaring me. And as I had observed myself, fear breeds hate, and I was descending into doctrinaire generalities, which is wrong.

Then I was going to delete the whole post in its entirety, but I thought what I had erupted might become a good object lesson, for me if no one else. So I will cut to the conclusion because I could use that admonition, too.

As the world heard a long time ago, “Love your enemies.” Itʼs unalterably clear and concise, if you take your scripture seriously (literally?). Submit to that unavoidable Word and let us all find freedom from fear.

All this is why I chose to use the Iberian Sepharad/Al-Andadalus conviviencia for Judah and Sørenʼs adventures. However…

“Something too much of this.” So…

Now for something completely different…

(I certainly hope The Pythons havenʼt gotten that so-useful phrase copyrighted or trademarked).

Letʼs get back to candyfloss and unimportant airiness.

The toe is better although still imperfect (I told you this would be completely different). I hope these cool days permitting long and liberating runs arenʼt prolonging the recovery, but the mornings are so gloriously temperate that I have not been able to resist scampering around town (okay, this lardkeister isnʼt exactly romping with unusual speed or lower-limb dexterity, but I am pushing to go faster than has become typical). And the weather forecasts say early next week is a muggy return to what we had come to expect of this August, at least until maybe Wednesday, so I decided to enjoy while I may. I hope that I got myself up and headed out for another long one this morning, toe or no toe.

Anyway, the ingrown toe is still red and somewhat large (at least Janet says so; the redness I can see for myself). But it doesnʼt hurt. (I knew you were all very worried.)

(Ironically, completing the run on Thursday morning — now what a gloriously cool early day that was! — I discovered that I had blood around the toe of my sock, the left one, while the toe formerly in question was the right big toe. Investigation revealed that a poorly cut toenail, having grown out with a sharp corner, had gouged a bit of hide from the neighboring toe. And I hadnʼt felt a thing. Kindly, The Lovely One installed a band-aid on the wounded digit until I could trim the offensive nail appropriately. Now I need to determine a good system of cleaning bloodstains… Perhaps CSI, which is usually on Spike all day long, would help.)

I also intend to mow the lawn today (another issue just pressing weightily on each of your frontal cortices, I know). But I bring it up with Thursdayʼs post in mind, as everything on my mind (truly) today seems to be nodding backward to things I have said already. And in that mode still, I begin to weary of carting water to the grass seed along the driveway… (but that is what I must do, so this is the end of todayʼs post).

©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

5 thoughts on “Not an FHF®, Really… Itʼs Not…

  1. Why so angry?…. Your people are in charge (right now)….. Everything (should) be going your way. Getting your news from a comedy show…..nice!
    Your commentary makes Christianity out to be more radical than Muslims…..nice one Rosie! Do you think 9-11 was caused by Bush?

    • Asked and answered already, isnʼt this? Not news from Stewart but satiric rebuttals (and considering the poor, lying quality of the Rightism, satire is the only appropriate response).

      Fundamentalism is fundamentalism, Ted, whether Islamic or Bible-Belting or Hindu. And itʼs ignorant and itʼs scary. Did you click any of those links? Those whack-jobs are terrorizing (and terrible). Besides, “Christians,” even the born-again variety, are supposed to, as the post noted, “love your enemies.” Pretty scary when “love” is evidently defined as lying invective intended to stir mob anxiety and hatred and violence.

      For the umpteenth time, Ted, who are “my people”? How do you know who I favor?

      All you know from what I say is what I despise: Soviet-style Big Lie propaganda (FoxNews and Rightist deceivers), deliberate lies, and fake issues. Politics through fear.

      But that breaks your Partyʼs line, doesnʼt it? Once again, I guess “conservative” means being exactly in lockstep with the rest of the Party, no exceptions, no freedom — just squirting the same old digested chocolate as the Big Masters dictate.

      I choose (genuine) freedom myself. Not what some overpaid unpundit tells me “liberty” is (and then changes her/his mind without apology when necessary and/or convenient).

      • Oops. I forgot to rag on those you assume are “my guys.” For instance, “healthcare reform” turned out to be mostly weak-kneed insurance-company pandering. Government transparency is also an unfulfilled promise. So far.

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