A Weekʼs Worth of What?

A week feels long sometimes, but alternatively (I keep using those other hands so often, letʼs just play the variety game today) lately for me the weeks seem to rush by, as do most days. For instance, I totally wasted Thursday, although I donʼt really know how or why. Too much Facebook for one, I am sure, and other online investigations. Also, having performed the evening chores — the next dayʼs lunch, supper, even watering the driveway (faithful readers should know what I mean) — I sat down to read and catch the evening news at 5:00, and promptly dozed off until about 6:30. A nice little nap for the guy who stayed up too late watching a rental movie the night before but still hauled his fat-engorged body from bed to take a morning waddle around town about 4:30 in the predawn morning. But that doesnʼt really explain where the rest of the day vanished without me having accomplished anything.

The week blew by with hardly a whisper, too. Sure, I got posts written and dancing out into the digital ether, including this one (actually written yesterday just before noon) and yesterdayʼs hesitations and reconsiderations (and all the others, too). I started the week worried about my ingrown toe (yep, you have now heard about it for the third time), which is still there but better, better. By Friday, other health issues had taken precedence in my thoughts (but thatʼs Mondayʼs post, heh heh), and I got the chance to show the toe to the doctor promptly at 8:00, along with the real problem. (He said it was still infected some but I should keep doing what Janet had gotten me to do earlier — soak the foot for a few minutes in Epsom salts morning and evening — with no more treatment needed unless the infection did not go away soon. As I have only taken antibiotics once in my life, for bronchitis a couple of years ago, right around my birthday, I will gladly forgo the drugs, as undoubtedly I have repeatedly throughout my life, unaware that I was perhaps seriously infected, as the lung infection felt no different to me than the extended cold I usually suffered wintertimes during most of my years of teaching.) He also got to renew my meds for blood pressure and cholesterol (might as well cover all my bases while I was in the office). By the end of the work days, I had switched what was foremost in my mind, although still in a medical rut.

I gave…

Even so, this was a powerfully unproductive week. Yes, I wrote some more on Judah and Søren while in Dubuque on Wednesday (more on that little trip next week, too), awaiting both my big appointment (thatʼs the news next week one day) and the strike of noon to pick up Janet for lunch (this time at Star, a favorite of ours, especially for their soups of the day — Wednesdayʼs was sweet-pepper chowder — and all-you-can-eat salad and biscuits). And I added a couple more paragraphs in the waiting room for the doctor Friday morning. I paid bills and balanced the checkbook against the bankʼs monthly statement, filed documents, investigated some issues online, kept up with all my Facebook friends and with my followed blogs (even contributing a comment on one thought-provoking post here), and… not a lot otherwise. I didnʼt get/have to sub, so no money came in. The driveway got its unveiling on Wednesday evening (and Janet was the first to drive upon the virgin surface; I held off until after she was home to put away the truck). And I watered every evening. But literally hours and hours leaked away without any special notice or record. Heck, I didnʼt even read much this past week (a post on that upcoming, too). On the other hand, I did give blood again (this time, for the first time, here in Maquoketa), having been prompted a while back by an e-mail from the Mississippi Valley Blood folks.

Simply amazing, the amount of time one (and by that pronoun I mean “I”) can utterly waste. Because I did.

However, most of this weekʼs posts (if not all of them prior to this) ran well beyond the thousand-word limit, so Iʼll do the usual Saturday thing and keep this one brief(er). Did you find even this post an utter waste of your time? (After all, I really just kept hinting at what I plan to write about next week. What was it? Three times?)

Hopefully (a word I abuse just as badly as the next person — I should have said, “I hope that”), you each accomplished much more in the week gone by than I did. And feel free to let me/us know what it was that you achieved through the comments section below…

©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

4 thoughts on “A Weekʼs Worth of What?

  1. Certainly not a waste of my time…it is a comfort to know someone else experiences this phenomenon (which needs a name, John)because I don’t want to call it a waste. David will ask me, “What did you do today?” And sometimes I answer, “I’m not sure, but I did it all day.” I have more of the same planned for today, which is going to be beautiful, by the way. Have a good one, John.

    • Thank you so much for reading, Shawn! And it has been a lovely day — and not too warm or humid (yet). I hope you enjoyed it very much.

    • Worst of all for me, disappearing and pointless hours and days donʼt make my spouse more tolerant of my writing ambitions…

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