Nothing Much

One interesting result when you google “nothing much”

Letʼs begin with a nod to my two previous posts, on Monday and yesterday. Today is the appointment with the surgeon, so I am hoping that I will not have anything more to report on the lumpy subject. And I wonʼt know about that until the middle of the afternoon. For you, gentle readers, no news will be good news for me (unless I discover I desperately need a topic for another post, and I just may come to that realization).

I have been working ahead on my blog writing because I knew I was not able to work this afternoon, nor tomorrow morning (I will be a substitute art teacher) nor tomorrow evening, as Janet and I will be joining her parents at Timmermanʼs (so utterly kitschy) for dinner, to celebrate Bettyʼs birthday. After the rains on Tuesday night (I have been foretold by the weatherpeople) and today and tomorrow morning, I will have to take a big chunk of time to mow the yard — at long last, as I skipped last week completely: it was just so dry that even though the grass was outrageously shaggy here and there, overall the lawn was not in good shape. That chore will probably happen on Friday. Today or tomorrow I will be making more of our now beloved squash soup (I seriously do recommend that you try it, folks — it could even become completely vegetarian by simply substituting vegetable stock for the chicken stock, and I bet that it could be blended using one of those wand things that Alton Brown likes so well). So my free time will be at a premium for a few days (which means I hope I am being productive this morning, as I do intend to be; on the other hand — oh, there go those nefarious hands I keep waving in the figurative again — I have intended to be productive every morning every day, and I still donʼt seem to get typing until itʼs nearing noon). However, I have motivation now — necessity.

Furthermore, we have guests coming for the holiday weekend, so I probably wonʼt be looking closely at the blog (or preparing new material, either) until next week. Obviously, I have to get several many (does anyone still say that phrase? I bet itʼs thoroughly Midwestern, and I like it) little essays composed, linked and illustrated before I run out of available time. That means some may be pretty brief, this one included. But brevity could be a good thing for readers, as I havenʼt been short of literary hot air at all recently — almost nothing I have posted has been running less than my preferred thousand words, and a noticeable number exceed that limit by a third. One such is the post I already wrote for Friday (it was going to be todayʼs, but on rereading — a word I use almost incessantly in that post, by the way — what I had written, I decided it might as well go up on a Friday, even though the subject is merely recent reading). Once you see it you may understand my motives.

I also need to get busy memorizing lines for a performance I have ahead of me, slated for late October. However, that is to be its own post all in good time, so I will explain that opportunity to you all soon.

Perhaps, then, I should follow my own advice and wrap this up. A nothing-much post for a Wednesday.

©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

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