Birthday Blog

Itʼs the blogʼs anniversary today. Yes, amazingly enough, it took me months into retirement before I decided I should have a blog (and it was finding some established blogs from friends that inspired me — check back to that first post). Also, amusingly, I never realized what date it was when I first signed up with WordPress, but it was, yes, just like today, September 11. Ironic? Probably just my normal lack of awareness about everything in the world around me.

If you check back to those first posts a year ago, I wasnʼt very dedicated in getting the blog started. Most people do the near-daily thing for at least a couple of weeks. I didnʼt even start daily. And vacation last year (ah, Prague, how I wish I could afford such extravagance and fun this year…) got in the way of any semblance of regularity. For after I got back from Europe, I had forgotten I even had a blog until I decided to write a travelogue like my brother David always does (and like him for my relatives, particularly brother Stephen in Minnesota and my Aunt Alaire in Iowa City), and then elected to put it up on the blog instead making the whole blooming thing a Facebook note (funny, I havenʼt created a FB note since, except for a request from a former student for choral reading material). I had carefully inserted the pictures in NeoOffice when I first typed the sucker up, and I thought they were an inherent part of the missive. And the blog, unlike Facebook Notes let me include pictures (and of course that got a lot of things started…). But then there was nothing again for a long time. I really wasnʼt into this blogging thing originally, was I?

The real anniversary of the blog comes at the turning of the year, when I finally and truly got serious (and seriously dedicated) to putting up posts. Itʼs been daily for more than eight months, and I kind of want to see, now, if I can keep it up for a year. The daily writing drill is good for me, and by the end of the year I may have written more than 300,000 new words (putting aside the posts that have been fiction or poetry I had already written, although for most of the poems I have ended up writing more as introduction and analysis than the words in the poems themselves — so the overall total new word-count may be up around 350,000, if I can keep it going). Not all the posts have hit the thousand-word mark. I donʼt think todayʼs will, but quite a few have shot far past that guideline.

The only problem has been that I have gotten more interested in and spent more time in writing these posts than other writing, presumably profitable (or possessing the potential thereof). On the other hand, having crafted thousand-word essays (albeit with journalistic paragraphing for any former students recalling that old five-sentences-to-a-nonfiction-paragraph rule) nearly every day thus far, writing fiction seems a whole lot more pleasurable (usually) than it did a year ago and decidedly easy. Itʼs just that this became an end in itself (and I hope not an entirely tedious one for you, gentle reader).

No matter, today the site has been up and available here in the digital unreality for a whole year. And this is something I would rather celebrate than the other reason to remember this date. (I don’t feel Qurʼan-burning is appropriate, either. “Dove Outreach Center,” uh huh, really? — Oops! Back to happy thoughts…)

Happy birthday, Wakdjunkagaʼs Blog.

©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

8 thoughts on “Birthday Blog

    • “left-leaning” indeed. Sez you. (Or does this judgmental attitude tell us something of how far to the dextral extreme youʼve been swung, sir? = “Yer either wid us or a commie-pinko-socialist-sympathizer. Dey ainʼt no middle grounʼ when youʼve been successfully braindrained by the bigmoney tightwads who hide behind the screamers.”)

    • Probably not. Sigh. I tend to avoid nutjobs, voodoo economics, Constitutional selectivism and revisionism, racism, xenophobia, false generalizations, religious tomfoolery, bigoted Leaders with big mouths, zombified followers easily misled, hidden Big Money secret agendae, and outright lies. Not drinking the Tea, thank you.

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