Small Admission

from my Facebook gallery of profile pictures, outside the Lockspot Café in Ballard (north Seattle) in 2008

I would hope that the blog has suddenly blossomed to entice thousands and thousands of readers to peruse my driveling prose (and poetry), rather than the mere dozens these random ramblings usually attract. But I doubt it, sadly. I would also hope that thousands of those eager readers have noticed that I have been pretty reticent in my responses to your (potential) comments recently. Made any comments, anyone?

Has any fan noticed that I havenʼt been very interested in what you have possibly had to say back at me? Considering the pretty mundane issues that I have chosen to contemplate, probably not — meaning that no one has bothered to post a comment about such wonders as Janetʼs hibiscus or our new birdbath or my personal preening about playing Picasso. But if you have posted a comment, I havenʼt responded. And itʼs not because I am disinterested.

So why havenʼt I been very active with the reactions to the blog? Itʼs because I havenʼt been online for a while now, nearly two weeks. And why not? Well, we have been on vacation since Saturday the eleventh!

Couldnʼt even tell, could you? (I hope not.) I havenʼt in weeks stroked or punched a keyboard (or screamed about the ineptitude of Qwestʼs miserly and miserable regularly failing service — in the twenty days before vacation I lost the connection to the internet and server at least five times a day, usually just as I was attempting to save the latest improvement on a post, too; thanks, lack-of-service Qwesties), although I was really, really busy pecking out posts through September 10, in order to have enough blog bulletins built up to selfserve themselves onto the internet over the days we would be gone.

outside our room at the Hotel Max, Seattle, 2008

Even this post was actually written on the afternoon of the ninth, in anticipation of my immobilization after the lipoma surgery yesterday, so I canʼt tell you a thing today about anything that has happened in two full weeks, including any details on our vacation (theyʼll be forthcoming sometime soon, I am sure) or that surgery (which is for me still two weeks in the future, as it was when I wrote yesterdayʼs little essay-with-joke). I just hope everything went well and that we are back home and that I was available to have the surgery. You never know. After all, we chose to fly on the ninth anniversary of 9/11! (The Lovely One figured we might have emptier and therefore more comfortable flights on that fateful date. Did we? Iʼll have to tell you later, of course, because the me writing this hasnʼt even finished packing yet.)

So where did we go? I hope you are wondering that, because I am going to tell you. We took a quick Inside Passage Alaska cruise with Holland America, leaving Seattle on Sunday, September 12, and returning on the following Saturday. Then we stayed over in Seattle for another two nights (returning to the beloved Hotel Max where we stayed for our Seattle vacation two years ago) because we like that city so well. We flew home on Tuesday so I could be ready to get cut yesterday.

And thatʼs all I know now. I hope you werenʼt offended if I ignored a comment you may have written. I assure you that starting today (I sincerely hope) I will be taking the greatest of (excessive) interest again — both here, of course, and once again on Facebook. And I hope to tell you about the trip soon, possibly even tomorrow.

Thanks for reading (even in my absence)!

I just noticed that I have a “little, small” theme going with post titles this week. I hope thatʼs not a personal Freudian slip thing, considering yesterdayʼs joke…

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