So I am back. Even yesterdayʼs post was written well before our vacation started (and those were a pretty busy week or ten days as I attempted to churn out three and four posts a day).

Vague First Trip Report

The trip was utterly fantastic, even though it was a cruise, and I will tell more about it soon. We went to lower (southeastern) Alaska, stopping at Glacier Bay (the highlight, even though we stayed on the ship the whole day), Juneau (a highlight only because The Lovely One and I took a bus out to Mendenhall Glacier, and that was amazing), Sitka (wonderful for history, forests, salmon running and totem poles), and Ketichkan (the lowlight probably, but we only had a single morning). On our way back to Seattle, the ship stopped for a few hours in Victoria (for legal reasons, someone cited the Jones Act, but I havenʼt looked it up yet — ships face fines for cruises that donʼt put into a foreign port), and although Janet and I walked around in the rain by the Inner Harbor there and somewhat downtown, it was about 8:00 PM on a Saturday night, and the town was full of cruise tourists, like us.

I broke my camera on our second day back in Seattle, and right now I am experiencing problems getting the computer to “see” the memory disk even when installed outside the camera, but I hope to have pictures (a few here) someday.

And Wednesdayʼs Unpleasantness at the Medical Center

I shunnned the bloody one that my “scalpel” search googled up…

I also visited the surgeon in his office on Wednesday, as I told you well in advance. The procedure was distinctly unpleasant but not painful (somewhat comical at times, like getting a syringe-ful of painkiller down my side when the needle wasnʼt properly installed), and I now know from experience that I prefer being knocked out while my body is invaded for my own good. I have learned that I donʼt like even the pain-numbed sensation of having my upper back split open and someone pulling and scraping inside. My body knew it was opened, and the sensation was… uncomfortable. (Dr. A was very good about injecting more epinephrine, I believe that was my painkiller, when I moaned and squawked, which I made a point of doing, as I should explain in future.) And my particular lipoma (which the gloating doctor let me see in all its bloody, pale and baggy glory) was bigger and much more deeply attached to the me below it than is usual — thus more than normal cutting, and a procedure that endured for nearly an hour. Getting well sutured afterward seemed to take forever as well, but I am very glad he did a good job.

Anyway, now I hurt on my left back, have to take partial showers, move delicately for a few days, and take care what I try to do for a week or so (the stitches come out next week, when I will also learn the lab results on the lump of fat). I slept the first night afterward on our basement family room sofa, seeking support on my rear while lying on my side, but I may just try lying down tonight (that would be Thursday) in the real bed. As I may have noted already, or as I just ran into words I could use in my mind as I was not rapidly falling asleep Wednesday night, no one ever talks much about the recovery from surgeries, which I have begun to suspect from my own fairly limited and actually mild (but disturbingly unpleasant and sometimes painful) experiences is because recovery is no fun at all. And the medicos just process you out and try not to imagine what you are enduring until they see you a week or so later.

Oh, well, why whine, when itʼs all for my benefit? (Because Iʼm actually getting close to a genuine post from all this?)

Meanwhile I am going to keep blog-stuff short because I have an actual writing commission to complete (one that I didnʼt realize had come through as The Lovely One and I were departing for the Northwest). Iʼm afraid itʼs a freebie, but I have made a start already yesterday (ha — I caught myself that time and didnʼt try to say “today” as in when I am writing), and I may explain more on that later.

For now, weʼll call it day. Janet should be home soon, and I have really gotten to enjoy seeing her 24/7 (as “those kids” might in their ugly way say).

©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

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