So it turns out typing is a chore when your back is stiff and partially immobilized by a bandage. Iʼm trying to use the dictation software instead, but I am discovering repeatedly that I donʼt really have anything to say. At least not today. The reality of having been cut must be hitting: it hurts. Mildly but definitely throughout most of the afternoon (Friday). I also want to do nothing but sleep (and thatʼs after having slept nearly a solid twelve hours Thursday night! — first for a quite unconscious eight, unlike the first postoperative night, on the sofa again, and then, after Janet departed to work, I lay down in the bed and conked for three more hours). I donʼt know if thatʼs Advil PM working on me or what, but I havenʼt been quite alert all day, either. On the other hand, I am not quite alert when all on my own somewhat often.

Besides, today the wound has decided to make itself known to me, sharp little pain in a line along my back. It might be the tape pulling sharply, but somehow I donʼt think so. Not wickedly bad but distracting and annoying. (And although I am whining, I realize, I donʼt mean to complain: people I know have endured real pain and some are experiencing actual agony right now. Iʼm just working on recognizing whatʼs going on with me, and this blog has turned sort of into a journal. So there we are.) And I have to watch how I sit or lean and what I do moreso than yesterday. I learned that doctors like you to rate pain on a scale of ten back in ʼ01 after the hernia job, and I didnʼt really know how to tell them what I was experiencing (without medication The Lovely One and I both learned as I was dismissed from hospital that day when they told her they figured I wouldnʼt want some painkiller for the evening because I had recovered all day without meds; she took the prescription and we stopped on the way home for the stuff). Maybe today is a periodic four.

I hope I heal fast, if only because I donʼt like thinking about or writing about just these petty problems.

Petty pain, yes. Today Qwest continues its evil ways with a vile vengeance. Every time I try to do anything online, the browser stalls and eventually complains of lost connections until I realize that once again the “internet” and “server” status items have eluded my electronic grasp. The internet connection has been so dicey that I almost fear uploading whatever few words I eventually put down here because I am sure that I will lose the post in the process by losing connection to that larger digital reality beyond me. Good thing that I have gotten into the drill of writing the post first in Scrivener and then just copying the text over to the WordPress window in the browser — a state that started from losing a post back in June that I had written in the browser and had thought I had periodically saved, but once I realized the Qwest connection had gone down (again), I learned that evidently I hadnʼt successfully communicated to WordPress after all.

I am almost to the point of advising anyone who asks to avoid Qwest for any service — phone, internet, video, whatever, because this is somewhat past annoying to troublesome. Of course, after all that sleep I am also somewhat grumpy today, or maybe something less than service has made me that way. Why should I complain? Qwest gave me a free month of continually interrupted “service” and no communication from their “service staff” in compensation for my complained-about difficulties with what they choose to call service. If I didnʼt already have one, I would say Qwest is a big pain in the back. As it is, I guess the pain they inflict is somewhat lower down.

So now I have discovered the theme for today — annoying pain, or aggravating irritations. Sorry for having written on that, but having pretty much wasted today, whatever I come up with as the minutes tick down to Janetʼs return from work will have to go up. And this is what I have to post. Perhaps a new week will do better for us all (and maybe in a new week so will Qwest, and maybe sows and boars will take to the air as well).

Oh. Click the picture for a positive side to Qwest…

Apologies. Take care out there.

©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

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