Briefly (and back to work)


a tilapia


Hereʼs possibly the shortest post I intend to put up this year. However, there is no time to write anything of substance (um, perhaps I should revise that choice of word, as not much Iʼve posted in 2010 has much, if any, substance — so “of length”). Once again, on Tuesday, I worked at Andrew Community School all day (and this time there was no pleasant surprise of an early-out, so it was all day). And when I got home, not only did I have to shop at least twice for groceries (mostly because the end of the monthly cycle for our checking accounts is approaching, and I discovered yesterday that for the first time ever I hadnʼt used my debit card ten times yet, thus negating any monthly interest payment from the bank; and there is no way that I am not getting paid some interest — two negatives do make a positive —, so I am buying things with the card twice a day for a few days here), but (if you can keep track of the main nonparenthetical clause of this sentence) I noticed that the gutters had to be blown clear and the yard raked. So I did it.

Now, ninety minutes later, I finally get around to indoor chores, including the daily blog post. However, I do feel somewhat pleased with myself because the big chore, fall raking, is done again (probably only five or ten times to go before the leaves are all fallen), and I am going to write just a little bit here (just enough to have something appear at 5:05 Wednesday morning) and then get to making Janetʼs Wednesday lunch and our supper for tonight/Tuesday — marinated, grilled tilapia and steamed bag-o-veggies.

I also feel slightly pleased because, contrary to my prediction yesterday, I did arise and run Tuesday morning (not far, only three miles because I was slow getting out of the house). Now the concern is whether I am up and plodding about town today/now/Wednesday. Even so, two days of burning a few calories is better than nothing (which is where I was at while “recuperating” from the lipoma-ectomy), and if I fail today, two further weekday mornings lie ahead on which I may/hope to do better.

I also got to page 11 of my Picasso script memorization Tuesday, which feels almost good. However, I wish I knew it all, and I really, truly donʼt. Worse, the work schedule today/Wednesday doesnʼt seem to suggest much time for me to memorize while students quietly do other things all period, which yesterday did provide. (Tomorrowʼs post may just a brief as this one, then.) At least, even though my rehearsal is next week, I still have until the 28th to perfect my knowledge.

And this pound or two of pointlessness is what you get to read for today. (Maybe soon I wonʼt be working all day and trying to memorized twenty-two pages of Picasso, including the famous ten final questions, of which I already know “my” favorite word and favorite swear word).

©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

4 thoughts on “Briefly (and back to work)

    • Thanks, Colleen. Yes, the costume is in hand (and we spent too much money sending to Europe for a white-and-blue fishermanʼs shirt — so I hope I actually wear it in real life. All I need are some kind of shorts and deck shoes.

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