The long week is done. The Lovely One and I celebrated by attending the gallery opening of photographs by friend Mary Nevans-Pederson last evening (thanks for that invitation, by  the way). Much fun and nice art. Food more than good to boot.

Friday was an unusual day, besides being my last in a row. First, the school was crawling with subs, at least five of us (and that school doesnʼt have a very large faculty, as many faithful readers may know). I wasnʼt particularly conscious of the issue, but the students certainly were aware. And talked about it almost every period. Second, students were wired for the weekend, but every class actually accomplished things, and some were even able to work quietly enough for me to recite and memorize lines to myself. Now that the work week is done, I think I will miss some of those students, but I also am ready to welcome the time to actually write and even idle some time playfully away. Maybe I could even… read something≥

Picasso — the look I am after…

Unfortunately (or not), of course, responsibilities remain. I do have obligations to fulfill and activities to perform already next week.

Now my Picasso practice, our health assessments and then the Picasso performance loom for next week, followed by more time away from a keyboard (or book) to get a flu shot. Health stuff and acting…

I am delighted to say that I did finish memorizing the Picasso lines yesterday (I will need work on the final pages yet, but I do know them… just not quite as sharply as the earlier ones). But I should have time to practice (assuming I donʼt get a call to sub on Monday). My intention is to practice with Janet this weekend several times, and also listen to the audio I created, then to spend about half the day Monday working on the words and determining the proper delivery for each line. I may even get the costume finalized. That way I should be pretty solid for the rehearsal on Tuesday and better able to make use of whatever criticisms and suggestions come out of that session. I would still like to find more video of the man in motion and perhaps hear more than the twelve seconds of his voice that I have from my boss/playwright. I donʼt feel comfortable about being him physically at all yet. But I will, I will. Although this activitiy is fun and interesting, it will be a relief, as with any play or performance to make the challenges part of my personal history soon.

Writing just has to hang on hold (more or less) until the acting gig is up. I want to do my best for the the Dubuque Museum of Art. However, buckling down to prepare for the performance hasnʼt stopped my mind from whirling. I reread the material I have posted so far for “Mantorville,” uncovering about a dozen mistakes I hope to correct soon, and inspiring my plot-mind to see at last what went on that night in the woods when Howie Phillips met his doom (I do know now, too). Itʼs also time to write the rest of the current dayʼs session and then, either to end that or in another session, introduce an important new character. So I hope fans of that piece may get a little more to read sometime soon (certainly not tomorrow, however).

I also had ideas while sitting at a teacherʼs desk for details on the finishing of “Mistakes by Moonlight.” And since I had already written (just not typed/dictated and revised) a new ending for the scene at the Golden Bull, fans of that fantasy may see further updates like I posted this past Sunday, along with more of chapter two someday. I am not as confident I have new material for Stars in Heaven soon, but at least I hope to have time in the next few weeks to perhaps write something on that yet. Ah, the plans, the dreams, the things I may or may not accomplish…

Anyway, the big substitute teaching job is over. Now I just want to see the pay arrive magically in my account. Maybe I can finally find something less tedious (and in the case of todayʼs post, repetitious) to put up.

©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

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