Counting Words

near Viroqua, WI, which was almost where I put my imaginary college

I am not sure if anyone clicked on the NaNoWriMo site link I added to yesterdayʼs post about the middle of the afternoon, Iowa time, Thursday. To create it, I learned some things about this little self-challenge into which I have entered, pretty witlessly. And having spent most of yesterday (which is still today as I write) working on the November novel rather than much of anything else (although Daniel has one final comment from early yesterday morning, and I got involved in learning who “Snookie” was/is at the end of the afternoon on Facebook — thanks for the info, Joe), and having to poke out at least a couple hundred words for todayʼs post, I figure Iʼll just talk even more (than I already have and undoubtedly in future will) about the NaNoWriMo project.

First, I hoped you liked my little map yesterday, locating Pashitakua (and therefore McKennal College) right at the point that Iowaʼs northern boundary intersects the Misssissippi. I used Google Earth to check, and there is nothing at that location in Wisconsin, except a few real peopleʼs river houses (or so it appears in the satellite view). If I donʼt get Hunter (so far thatʼs all heʼs been called in the story) off this planet and onto Tsyriel soon, I shall have to invent a road that leads into Pashitakua from the east to intersect the actual north-south river road. (Amusing myself as I type, or rather while walking around the house not actually typing, I began to imagine intersecting the Pashitakua world with Quetzl County!**) McKennal College has taken on many newly invented buildings on campus, if not any pseudoreality. The science building (an important location, the last place Hunter will ever be on this earth) is Miller/Norton Hall, an old, decrepit brick structure. Then there are also the Ferrin Library and Kula Language Building, the Old Aud, an education building and maybe another one or two I have let slip my mind (all mentioned only once or twice except Miller/Norton).

the atmosphere shown here seems almost more Quetzal County than my storyʼs version of Southwestern Wisconsin

The story itself has progressed nicely, topping 7500 words shortly before I began this. That means I actually hacked out not quite 4000 words Thursday* because when I entered 5000 on Wednesday on the NaNoWriMo site, I believed I would accomplish more that day than I did, so I felt I had to catch up today/Thursday. My actual daily total should run about 1700 words to get to 50,000 by monthʼs end, but I really canʼt afford to believe I will write every day (in fact, just yesterday morning, I made arrangements that will guarantee I donʼt). Weekends are Janet-time, and Thanksgiving is also a family event at which any writing device, high tech or low, might be less than welcome (or at least more than my usual rude). So I really want to produce between 2500 and 5000 daily and be done with the challenge. (And that would be in about ten to fifteen more days. But donʼt count those weekends, folks.)

However, just as I have said that much, I realize that The Lovely One is due home any minute, so I guess I will keep this to seventy-five percent my intended normal length (thank goodness, you think). Sheʼll be off again for a birthday dinner at the Maquoketa Country Club with and for her friend Lin, so Iʼll cut these words then to a post and forge the necessary links and (I hope) be done in time to enjoy my appropriately favorite TV show, The Big Bang Theory.

* Actual daily writing total for November 4, according to the Project Target built into Scrivener was 3688, and I had put myself about a hundred words over the claimed 7500.

** Not literally, of course, because imaginary Quetzal County, including Bear River Falls and Mantorville and so many other little towns, lies between Jackson and Dubuque Counties, much further south than Pashitakuaʼs location in Wisconsin. But it might amuse me (like the names of those McKennal College buildings) to have someone be a McKennal grad, or have someone visit there to do some research, as Lovecraft had so many do, to their dire regret, at Miskatonic University in Arkham.

(Both pictures are links to the websites from which they originated, by the way. Please click.)

Anyoneʼs help on any of my current names for anyone and anything in Slaves to the Lesser Moon, even that tentative title of the novel, would be appreciated…

©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

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