Contra PoinDextremism

Intriguingly, statistics on hits have clearly shown that if I want to get lots of readers (well, “lots” for us here at Wakdjunkagaʼs Blog, which means more than a bakerʼs dozen or two), I should take a controversial stand on some issue. Sad, but from the numbers, scientifically true. The readership doubles if I pen something that perturbs somebody. That shouldnʼt surprise me (as it actually does), but it does permit my opening for a post today.

Contrary to popular (manufactured) opinion, both of these evil men were Fascists, which is European for Rightist extremists.

So, with my volatile and substantiated positions on things political/economic/pseudophilosphico-moralistic/idiotic (the best album title ever had to be Green Dayʼs American Idiot; talk about smacking the old iron spike directly on the noggin), taking aim at any aspect of the widespread plague of contemporary lunacy should be easy. However, although I have reached the appropriate age and stage in lifeʼs brief swirl of colors, shapes and sounds, to serve (at my current weight) as two Quixotes, my personal tilting at the army of metaphorical windmills parading past this old hacienda seems overwhelming, and unlike the revered Señor Quijana, I generally know an empty bag of hot gas when I smell one, even if I can be pricked like him into action anyway (viz. my recent erratic sneeze at the foul flatulence-passer of the U.S. House of Representatives, dishonoring for two years more Iowaʼs fifth district, and his wickedly amoral, overly financed, petty swipe at Iowaʼs state supreme court — who merely knew bad law when they saw it). New resolutions in place, The Dishonorable King will probably provoke further resistance on this site unless he somehow, unpredictably grows a conscience, an ethical accomplishment he conspicuously preaches and thoroughly, obviously lacks. Besides maybe heʼs not the soulless monster he appears. Let me put these rosy Rightbended glasses on… Yes, now I perceive that heʼs only an unjust kneejerk reactionary uncontrollably spewing sedition, repression and self-promotion. What harm could there be in a monogonadal mustache-less would-be dictator like that troglodytic animated-dunglump?

That felt good all over again.

Yes, the wickedly deceitful inDecent Dextreme shouldnʼt be permitted to sling their excrement without equivalent retort. But I despise the vague feeling that I in reply may reside at their foxily breitburpous beck and lame-bogging… Is it wisdom to descend to where the demonized howl in endless agony? Difficult to resist the too-easy fun, though.

My original point for this day is to acknowledge that maybe my greatest strengths, when provoked by rigid gibberish and turgid bunkum, isnʼt to attempt punditry myself, however proud I am of some of my previous posts decrying the degenerate and idiot state of American Dexdroidism*. I think I am better at just telling stories out of my rage and depression, as the vapid and demoralizing Pat Goobertson used to stir my passions to playwriting (and some of my most successful those plays were, too, thanks certainly in no small part to the talented and diligent casts and crews of those productions). Itʼs stories I want to tell. If Dextreme vanity, inanity and venality burble their black ooze of lies and manipulation to the placid surface of my mild existence, perhaps I should just think up characters, situations and revenges for fiction. I wonder… what might happen if the Tourist developed a political point of view?

Delightfully shuddersome! Further fantasies of so-called “Second Amendment solutions”…

Exactly, Right.

I am not even committed to any logical alternative to the whackRight (partly why it annoys me so violently to have them divide our citizens into “Us,” meaning them, and “Them,” meaning anyone of any rationality and therefore political stripe not ultraRightist[?], as that wholly false dichotomy is simply [and simple-mindedly?] wrong but so expressive of the anti-values that produced it), unlike the calmly eloquent Bill Maher, say. Dreading Big Government (and I really quail from — and oppose — a Government that seeks to dictate our private lives, all ye unmercifully selfRighteous!), I fear the greedy hands of Big (multinational) Business more/as much/more. I at least get a vote in government, or at least I may until the Rightizers have their fascistic way and “fix”/”take back” politics in their own witless and agonized image (after all, the so-called “socialists” have done nearly nothing in any other direction, probably a better indication, I admit, of the falsehood of the name-call than of an imaginary Far Leftʼs possible agenda). Back to the business at hand, corporations just want to use me, and history shows, abuse me in the equable assurance of future consumers to replace me when unfettered and unregulated corporate immorality has done its worst. (And of course, Kochsuckers, pay what it takes to get their unrestricted way.)

Who enjoys paying taxes? But when have humans not supported the ruling classes? And I like having the federal assurance of a “safety net” as one of my basic claims on “general welfare” — in sickness and in age. At least with Social Security, Welfare and a decent healthcare-for-all law, the ruling classes can take care of me eventually, and I donʼt trust religious zealots with my welfare, please, and thank you very much. But who wants to support societyʼs leeches? (And the Tourist does have such a case in his future…)

And I firmly believe in adhering (even strictly) to the Constitution! However, the document does grant Congress the power to enact any and all laws necessary… And that First Amendment (plus Article VI) creates a validly, necessarily secular state, “Christian America” nutjobs, as I have argued to excess recently (only to discover that zealotry seems to forbid reasonable discourse or acceptance of argumentation). And that Second Amendment clearly insists on the well-regulated militia basis for the non-infringement of the peopleʼs right to keep and bear arms (sorry, NRA faddists, but if weʼre going to stick to the Constitution, especially strictly, you gotta do what the document says — and that means join the National Guard if you want to keep that registered gun).

And, as I have previously observed on this blog, my personal freedom is paramount in my value system (acknowledging that I have been circumscribing and gnawing away at it since birth**). Nobodyʼs taking away my freedom (such as it is and has been compromised thus far), not my elected government, not mega-corporate shenanigans, not selfRighteous neighbors nosing into anyoneʼs private life, and particularly not duplicitous windbags whose sleight-of-hand verbal bombast intends to disguise that actual end (by preaching about “freedoms” but dictating submission to one narrow vision). Freedom is not a word to bandy blindly at corporate behest.


But Iʼve greatly exceeded the thousand words already. (Hmmmm, why is it not the fictitious Left but the pointyDexters who seem to threaten what I value?) As my recent failure to argue just a single Fundie into recognizing truth in the face of his subjective desires should have taught me, I cannot be the wilderness voice against extremist duplicity and nonsense…

Besides, if I really were to monitor the postmortem electrical discharges of what passes for a cortex in Dextreme dogmatics, I would have to watch FoxNews. Regularly. Religiously. And the nasty, unpenitent, ceaseless repetition of whingeing falsehoods there halts my heart and shreds my soul. Who needs that on a daily basis?

* Root around in that neologism to discover the meaning.

** I really do need to pen a post on this concept that one actually deprives oneself of freedoms from infancy on (depending for oneʼs existence on Mom and therefore necessarily accepting parental restrictions from the beginning, thus commencing a long cascade of limitations on oneʼs personal freedom in exchange for safety/security). I keep alluding to the idea without a full explanation…

Over 1300 words?!

©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

3 thoughts on “Contra PoinDextremism

  1. Thank God. It has been over 36 hours since you posted any wrong wing rants. I thought you might be having an operation again, or on vacation. Nice to know you are well and present. I find the rants very amusing. They always bring a smile to my face. I may sometimes make curt replies, but I always enjoy them.

    • Thanks for reading, Dave! (But I actually feel positive that I defend my positions with accuracy and evidence, unlike…)

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