And Thatʼs The Rest of The Story…®

I am getting more blog mileage out of four days in Wisconsin than I did (yet) out of an Alaska cruise and three days in Seattle. Incredible.

Oh, well…

Broad Street earns its name (notice Medusa on the corner). Monday was a beautiful day…

However, to review: The Lovely One drove us from home to Lake Geneva on Friday morning, exactly one week ago today. We ate a late lunch at Bistro 220 (lovely, simply lovely), wandered around town, went back to The Cove to lay plans and decided to keep supper inexpensive and easy (one of the reasons for booking a “suite” with kitchen, after all) — Jimmy Johnʼs subs (just up the street and around the corner) and other things, which meant we needed to buy a few groceries. Quickly referencing my way through the visitorʼs guide, we found the town had a Piggly Wiggly at 100 East Geneva Square. Thus prepared, we set out to head east…

…Only to discover no Piggly Wiggly on the eastern edge of town (we later located “Geneva Square” mall on the north end, by accident, even glimpsing the rumored chain grocery store). However, she did spot a (super) Walmart (they really have lower-cased the “w” and removed the star-dash, havenʼt they?), which more than served our needs. We left for (our temporary) home a half hour later, poorer but bearing chips, cheese, hot chocolate mix, cheesecake (hey, it was a birthday celebration) and I forget now what else. We stopped at Jimmy Johnʼs on our way back (actually we went home and walked up to JJʼs and back) and spent the evening quietly in the room, in celebratory mode, playing with the fireplace (no, miserably evil ones — merely turning it on a lot), eating our food eventually, and watching some television.

further Lake Geneva scenery (this one taken on Saturday afternoon, looking northward beyond Bistro 220)

Saturday was the adventurous excursion to Millieʼs Shopping Village (and unvisited Restaurant), followed by more shopping in downtown Lake Geneva (She-Who-Must — oops, The Lovely One — merely scoping out the possibilities to visit with her sister the next day), eating again at Bistro 220 (I had planned no lunch that day), relaxing at “home” for a few hours, and then the big night out at Medusa, about which you also have read already. So much for my 57th birthday.

Sunday was a sleep-late (well, at least until going on 9:00), followed by an idle breakfast (as we had also done the previous day) of coffee and a shared Panera bagel. Then we waited for sister Diane to call, went out to wander downtown (when they did call, having already arrived) and then rushed back to the parking lot at The Cove, then out to have lunch at their choice, Ryan Braunʼs Tavern and Grill (very nice, good food; we had fun) and (for me) revisit the sidewalks of Lake Geneva, downtown, as the girls shopped. When Diane and Steve headed for home mid-afternoon, we chose to take a leisurely exploratory drive around the south end of the actual lake, Lake Geneva, ending up back in Delavan, where and when I took the giraffe photo featured in yesterdayʼs post. We had planned since Friday to dine on pizza at “home” and watch Tina Fey (on tape) receive her Mark Twain Award for American Humor on PBS (which we ended up missing largely because Illinois Public TV started the broadcast at 7:00, not 8:00 — I have grown to appreciate satelliteʼs onscreen schedule check, which we couldnʼt do at The Cove).

Me and my Dragon (no, we did not buy one), Saturday afternoon, right next to Bistro 220

Monday we had to check out, so after arising sometime after 8:00 AM, the packing began. When I took the first bundles out to the car (which, as the multitudes of guests had thinned to almost none as of Sunday afternoon, we had parked just outside our room, precisely to simplify this load-out), my unerring eye (ha! — read tomorrowʼs post, folks) perceived that the passenger-side rear tire was flat. [Panic and self-pity follow, as I leap the waist-high fence to our patio and scurry back in the room, having cleverly prepared by unlocking that door before I went out burdened with luggage and shopping bags, to inform The Lovely One, who reacts as if I had just flattened the tire personally.] Manly fortitude got me back outdoors (in a somewhat less frigid day than the previous two had been) to locate the paraphernalia to remove the flat and insert the doughnut spare “tire.” Amazing even myself, I did it. We finished packing, checked out (me inquiring, at Janetʼs behest, of the desk clerk where one might buy gas and have a flat fixed in town), and headed directly to the gas station (ironically, unnoticed, directly across Broad Street from Medusa). We filled the tank with expensive gasoline, and as I checked the diminishing amount of air in the doughnut, Janet went inside to pay and ask advice. We wound up leaving the car to permit them to repair the flat (I had seen it had a big silver nail right through the tread), while we hiked/walked/trudged back downtown for a latte or two at Caribou while the work went forward without us. On our way back to get the car, I took the Medusa pic that graced Wednesdayʼs post.

Having retrieved the vehicle and replaced the (now inflated) doughnut in its hole in the trunk, Janet wanted to do what she had originally intended for Monday lunch, visit The Red Geranium, about which she had learned online in advance. I plugged in the GPS and provided the address, and “Jill” promptly told us to drive north to 43 and then east and south around town, which we questioned but obeyed (passing by Geneva Square, fortuitously discovered thereby, on the way) and wound up right back on the other side of the main drag from Walmart (actually we had turned around Friday evening right beside The Red Geranium but never noticed it, sigh). We ate a good lunch (but not up to Bistro 220 standards, for the same or a somewhat higher price), and drove back home to Iowa.

Thus endeth the excursion to Lake Geneva for my birthday. Letʼs hope you donʼt have to learn any more about it.

©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

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