And “The Season” Begins!

Although most of America is probably spending today, having already been up and out for hours perhaps, even at the early hour I schedule these posts to appear, local Iowa (Central Standard) time, The Lovely One and I will not be joining the throngs at all those chain stores across the nation that opened their doors for the recently invented “Black Friday” sales (and it was recent, regardless what Wikipedia says: neither of us had really ever heard the term used until maybe five or six years ago; Janet says even more recently). The experience would rank close to my idea of hell.

Of course, I am not altogether thrilled to my toes with the actual events that will fill our day (at home) today. Annually, once the excessive turkey feast is mostly digested and partly eliminated, meaning the following day, today, Janet starts decorating for winter and Christmas (and sheʼll take most of it down and pack it away almost as soon as New Yearʼs Day arrives). As she does most of this decorating herself, I get to pull it all down from the garage attic (and load back up the “autumn” items), including the fake tree, which weighs almost as much as I do. And it is my job to get the tree assembled and up, with colorful lights installed (and thatʼs the reason that we purchased a pre-lit fake tree several years ago, maybe almost a decade now).

I guess (one of Hunterʼs qualities that I have only made mild use of yet, in Slaves to the Lesser Moon, is an extraordinary talent at making good guesses) that desperation to devise something to say for another month of daily posts may prompt me to wander around the house taking some photos of The Lovely Oneʼs decorative creations, so weʼll all look forward eagerly to that (or those). Today Iʼll just discuss the basic concept of what we are doubtlessly doing.

Although I have some years made abortive efforts to join the energy-waste of outdoor lighting (and however much I enjoy the lights — and I really do — while driving on wild winter nights, these pagan displays are kind of a pointless waste of expensive electricity), sometimes putting a rectangle of lights around our picture window (from the inside) in the living room, sometimes putting lights along the railing of the steps to the front door, with a few exceptions, our winter/Christmas decorations are an indoor phenomenon. We have our tree (in the family room, although with us hosting Christmas this year, for Janetʼs family, weʼll see if we stick to tradition) and its hundreds of ornaments, including my name ball from earliest childhood, a miniature vest that The Lovely One gave me one year, and literally dozens and dozens of special items of unique importance to her. She also adorns my bookshelves in the basement with jolly greenery and other stuff. Upstairs, she undoes the autumn items and gets greenery (some of it real, once-living pine or fir or whatever-evergreen branches), snowmen (one of her favorite wintertime decorations) and other things on pretty much every available surface.

(Now that I really have a plan to do a picture-post or two or three on the decorations next week — I have to wait until theyʼre done, after all — I donʼt really have a lot more detail to add. An early Yule gift for all of you — a relatively brief post!)

My efforts usually only take a few hours total, and that includes the time we spend together putting ornaments on the tree. Her work, on the other hand (I havenʼt used that phrase on the blog in quite a while, I believe), usually fills the whole weekend, starting later this very morning. So I am hopeful I may be granted a few hours this long weekend to peck and poke on the wireless keyboard and perhaps get my November novel done. We will have to go out to RonAnnʼs Floral Shoppe for the greenery (when I will snatch a cookie or two, even at my current enormous weight), and there will be supper to prepare each night, but a good part of my responsibility this weekend is to stay out of her way except when she wants my “help.”

So, letʼs get at it…

©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

4 thoughts on “And “The Season” Begins!

  1. HA!!! You make me laugh John. I can just see “the Lovely One” decorating and humming Christmas songs, while you sit in a chair, doing your thing, anxiously awaiting her call for help. That will be our day on Sunday as Dann has already decorated the outside, when it was warm outside. Enjoy your day and keep posting. I cant wait to see Janet’s work!!!

    • 10:30, and we are hard at it, Shark. The containers of the Yule stuff are down from the attic, and right now sheʼs packing away fall things. The Christmas tunes are playing. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving!

  2. LOL, your post really made me laughing and I better won’t let my hubby read it or he will complain about his entire weekend will be filled with helping me to decorate for Christmas. But usually he doesn’t mind.
    We have decided to put some limitations on our big Christmas decorating from now on. So we won’t put any lights up on the roof anymore, just around the main door. His health condition won’t allow him to climb up on the roof anymore. We all are not getting any younger. LOL
    What concerns the Christmas tree so we still stick to the real ones. I know, it’s a lot more work and in the long term more expensive but we just love the scent of a fresh cut tree in our living room. But instead of buying an 8 footer we decided for a setting up a smaller one this year.
    Anyway, I’m glad I found your blog and could your awesome post and wish you and your family a very enjoyable Christmas season.
    Best Regards
    Paula Jo

    • Thank you! I appreciate the positive interest. My family always had real trees when I was young, but my wife grew up with the dread of fire foremost, so… (And the pre-lit one does simplify so many things.)

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