Short (and worried about snow)

Itʼs supposed to snow tonight! As of yesterday (which is when I am writing, as I should have been), weʼre under a winter storm watch with expectations of three to six inches of white stuff tonight into tomorrow, with more around Dubuque (I hope Janet gets home safely this evening). Incredible!

On the other hand, I know that our first snow last winter was just about exactly one year ago today, a fairly big one. That precipitation stayed around for the next three full months. I shouldnʼt be surprised, although I am. It doesnʼt feel like it should be winter yet, no matter that I have been running in temperatures halfway between zero and freezing (and not counting the wind chill).* Somehow none of this seems fair or acceptable, pointless as it is for me to complain. I am not ready to start shoveling!

And even worse, I am not done raking. I suppose I took to heart and obeyed the exhortations from the NaNoWriMo folks to just let things hang while I poured forth my literary gifts. I must have heeded them because thatʼs pretty much what I did. I barely ever ventured outdoors throughout the entire month of November, at least on days dedicated to writing. And my single-minded (surely not narrow-minded?) attention to the novel now reaps what I have sown. Our back yard is full of leaves! The fruit tree finally dropped its load sometime after my birthday, and the oak trees across the street at Crestridge have done their thing to the whole neighborhood, deeply (dang-blasted southerly winds!), which means most of them destined for our property have fetched up along the back fence. Thereʼs a truckload of them out there, at least!

And what all that means is that I will probably be out raking once I get this post scheduled and/or be raking later today, ahead of the snowfall headed our direction for late this evening and through the night. Thanks to the aforementioned southerly winds, I will have to rake (or carry what I have raked together) all the way from the back yard to the street. And, as I noted earlier, thatʼs going to be somewhat unpleasant as itʼs cold outside!!


However, it will be fun to see if the new, uncracked and even driveway does its bit and simplifies (and speeds) the snow-shoveling process. Using the snow-blower should also go better on an actually flat surface. Or so at least I hope. And I appear to get to find out imminently (well, “imminently” meaning in something over twenty-four hours from the time this post appears).

On other notes, I cannot believe that I went way over 1000 words yesterday! My intent, having nothing scheduled to appear on time, was simply to get a post up as quickly as I could (which was just a bit under an hour), but then I wrote scads and furthermore felt I had to scan book covers and take pictures of shelves of books, too. What was I thinking? KISS = “Keep It Simple, Stupid.” And I should. I really, really should.

Today, I think, because I probably should attempt to be prepared for the snowfall, that I will keep it short (and simple, too). I donʼt really have anything to say. So (for once) I wonʼt.

*And I did well running this past week, only skipping on Monday. (My new personal vow is that if I donʼt get up in the morning to run, then I have to go to the Y and row, treadmill and/or lift weights. So far I havenʼt gone to the Y yet, but itʼs time I stopped paying my monthly fee for nothing.)

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One thought on “Short (and worried about snow)

  1. Snow started not long after 3:00 (raking done, leaves truck-loaded twice and dumped twice by 1:15). I pushed a shovel across the new drive at 5:00 — lovely.

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