Weekend with Snowfall

I started one post on Saturday afternoon, while The Lovely One was on the phone with her sister, a fairly regular weekend break for her, but they wrapped up their conversation at least forty minutes early, so I only got about two paragraphs on that subject down before it was time to be sociable again. Therefore no morning post scheduled in advance to appear today. Does anyone else sense that as the year draws to its wintry close that I may have overextended my wholehearted interest in writing something for the blog daily through 2010?

However, there are only about twenty-five more days to go on that particular New Yearʼs not-really-a-resolution, so I will come up with something… (Does that sound like a threat to anyone else?)

As I wrote on Saturday,

“First off, itʼs Saturday as I type. Janetʼs on the phone with her sister (a regular feature of Saturday afternoons), and the snow fell Friday night! I cleared away about an inch-plus around 5:00 PM Friday, and as we ushed (our personal verb for serving as ushers at a play) the PPP/Ohnward joint production of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, the white continued to clothe the area, and right on through the night. When about 9:00 AM this/Saturday morning, I got out to try to blow the snow (a failed attempt as the year-old snow bower wouldnʼt start, so we both got to shove snow ourselves, which is the reason I suppose they call them “shovels”), we were laboring at six or seven inches — more of course where the plow had supplied our drive with nearly immoveable clods of well-packed blade-broadcast.”

We did get the threatened snowfall on Friday night, in other words. And a thin northwest-to-southeasterly line of eastern Iowa, into which Maquoketa unfortunately fell, as did Dubuque, got the heaviest snow. Now, as we suffer single-digit Fahrenheit temps for the week, I get to examine the snow blower for the causes of its problem, beginning with the spark plug, which shouldnʼt be fouled after only three uses last winter (my mower starts every spring without issue, as does the truck), but the manual indicates that summer humidity can have a bad effect on the plug. Letʼs hope (come on, join with me in an effervescent astral effort at hope) that the plug is the only issue to resolve.

It only took us (because The Lovely One did help) about two hours to clear the drive. Bright sun and fairly good warmth on Saturday did the rest, so the new drive is dry and bare (at least until the next snow, predicted, I guess, possibly for Thursday). Janet credited her noble performance with the shovel (and she prefers the littlest one we possess) to her renewed success in the gym and at workout classes — indicating my still lapsed need to get back to lifting some weights and pumping at a rowing machine, both available at the Y, and which, according to my recent vow, I will attempt today, having not awakened in the dark to attempt any sort of a run in -15° wind chill this morning.

Having anticipated the snow and therefore not needing to do our usual weekend grocery shopping, we spent Saturday at home, quiet older couple that we are, me exhausted well into the afternoon by my exertions with the whiteness. Meanwhile, the snow kept lightly falling, although it never did accumulate in the driveway again (not until this morning, when wind-driven drifting, very slight, put me in my slippers to push that aside for Janetʼs departure to work). As a recuperative (I am back on Saturday again, by the way), I used the hours-old coffee to create a couple of Snowy Evenings for the snowy Saturday afternoon. In truth, we were preparing ourselves for a more exciting Sunday.

Janet and I had a very pleasant Sunday/yesterday, arising about 8:15 to prepare for the day and head out in the 6° morning, about 9:30, for Cedar Rapids, there to meet Dawn and Kevin. Officially, we are Christmas shopping, and usually both Kevin and I have presents for wives to purchase (and he did, and I even acquired a couple surprises for The Lovely One), but really, we can talk, eat lunch together, and then while the women shop more, my best friend and I retire to a bar (yesterday at Ruby Tuesday) and converse some more over a few thirst-quenching beverages, generally of the grain-and-hops brewed variety — 22-oz. Sam Adams Boston Lagers yesterday. The ladies get to drive home.

I had a great time (I hope that goes as well for Dawn and Janet in their own pursuits, and for Kevin). Itʼs always good to see those two.

Now itʼs Monday, 13° outside, and I have probably overdone what little I have to reveal about our pathetically uninteresting weekend. I have groceries to buy yet today (as well as that visit to the Y I owe myself), and thereʼs another post to prepare for tomorrow lurking somewhere in my subconscious. Not to mention actual writing work. Time to get this HTML-ed and copied over to WordPress.

Have an excellent week, everyone. Stay warm, northern hemisphereans!

©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A

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