Working Out at the Y

Happy Peal Harbor Day, folks! In other disaster news…

In actual reality, I wore my ClickArt t-shirt and gray shorts…

I used my YMCA membership again for the first time in a year or so, but I hope not for the last. I should be there again today. I believe I mentioned that I did not get up to go running Monday morning (and I am probably even less motivated this morning when the temperatureʼs supposed to be right around zero, not even including any possible wind chill, but you never know — generally speaking, I like to run). However, my revived Y experience was a good one, and I fully intend to be back, even today.

Yesterday, I fooled around on the computer for hours (worthlessly, accomplishing nothing — a condition at which I seem to becoming proficient at creating and maintaining, unfortunately). I gave myself the new Facebook profile, not really worth it, to be honest (I miss the tabs, but I guess that concept was too difficult for too many users… or something). I entered a new sub day in both Calendar and Now Up-to-Date. I updated the songs on my iPod, which is getting complicated with about 18,000 items in iTunes on the computer (not all are “songs,” sorry to report, Mr. or Ms. Terminology-Designer at Apple — I do have not quite 25 audio books on there right now, too), having purchased Carlos Santanaʼs Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics Of All Time for $3.99 the other day (one really must love Carlos churning through “Smoke on the Water” among other unlikely numbers). Thereʼs far too much Grateful Dead (over 2000, and I couldnʼt resist downloading all of the thirty recent live selections made available for free during November — this on top of at least a hundred live tracks I downloaded when the Deadʼs siteʼs “Taperʼs Section” selections were actual files, not mere streaming — not that I canʼt capture streams if I want), far too much (over 300 each) Springsteen, Hendrix, Clapton, Beatles, Jefferson Airplane/Starship…

Having spent a half hour rowing on the machine at the Y, I did realize I need to get some books on the iPod, regardless of the fact that itʼs full. Itʼs a lot more fun to row to a story than merely music, and the desire to “find out what the people (in the story, whatever it may be) are doing today” does motivate me (and The Lovely One) to get to doing what we would wear (and listen to) the ʼPod for. And for me, that would be working out/jogging.

Monday, I did a half hour of rowing. With my midsection far too large (as engorged as the iPod playlists), the necessary bending action to row is one of the things I need to do often, daily and then some more. I rowed 800 and some strokes in thirty minutes (I was counting as I listened to an all-Jimi set of selections), at about 26 strokes a minute. In the old days at the local hospital, I could pull about 800 calories an hour. Yesterday, I was often under the 600 mark. Then I tried running on a treadmill, but after less than five minutes my right leg started shin-splint pain (or something), so I just reduced to walking for a half hour. The pain did not magically vanish. I was trying to walk quickly and up a five to six incline, but I was merely walking.

Even so, it felt good.

The place was close to deserted, with only about a half dozen people there, thinning during my hour in motion, so this fattie was relatively comfortable working his soft body in public. I said hello to a svelte former student as she departed and I arrived. Otherwise, no one seemed familiar (and as I usually work out with eyes closed to avoid staring at everyone else, I could have missed even Janet). And to the best of my awareness no one complained about my presence, either.

So it was all good, and I am going back today. I think Tuesdays and Thursdays are going to be my weight-lifting days (The Lovely Oneʼs been at me to get back into a weight routine, as she has done, beneficially and improvingly).

My real goal is to run in the morning and still do another hour or so at the Y, double workouts, which is how I dropped my weight wonderfully well back in the mid to late Nineties. Weʼll just have to see how that goes. If I am not going to make myself do the writing work I need to do (which I didnʼt yesterday, nor Friday nor Thursday nor Wednesday last week), I might as well do something good for my health. Or maybe the alternative will scare me into writing…

24 posts to go!

©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A

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