Autumnal Décor (a farewell)

Feeling certain to the degenerative marrow of my bones that no one has forgotten my well-aged promise (click it: check the date — not quite as ripe as the long-ago vow to pen a further investigation into suicidal Texas author Robert E. Howard, which last Thursdayʼs post did not quite fulfill, a vague mini-critical essay which garnered me unwarranted abuse from the dark and dire world of unwavering and unshakable, devotional Howard fanaticism here*) to provide further and deeper insights into The Lovely Oneʼs autumnal and winter decorating, I think the time has arrived to reveal the artificial beatifications of our humble home.

Preparest thyselves for the decorative delights!

We are going to begin with a quick review of her fall efforts (mostly because I have yet to take pictures of any of the Christmas stuff, and she made me shoot the autumnal adornments as a record to help her devise what she wants to put out next year). After all, you learned the fate of some of her decorative elements yesterday. (I did enjoy writing that little essay…)

She likes to put nature indoors, including leaves, pumpkins** (duh) , nuts and weeds. Her major decorative areas are the “public” places in our house: the kitchen, dining room, living room and downstairs the family room (weʼre one of those households with a living room that no one generally uses, as our TV and relaxing are both in the basement). You caught a glimpse of the dining room table near Thanksgiving, here, although I should mention that the plant, repotted again, whose adventures I once profiled here, was not part of the décor.

In the living room, The Lovely One has roughly five sites — the large Prairie-style table beneath what was once a single large picture window, the area between that table and the front door, the small table beside my favorite chair in which to sit and read (thus my coffee nearby in the photo), the table between the matching chair and the loveseat/small sofa, and the table beside the large sofa. I have photos that at least include elements of each…

The Prairie-style table beneath the big windows (The pumpkin in the basket is real, now in my truck bed. How close to ten does your count of other pumpkins, some — like the one on the stand in the second decorative area toward the front door — noticeably fake, come?)

The vased essence of the wilderness, beside my favorite chair, not showing the items underneath the table, including a ceramic pumpkin.

Our matching Prairie-style end table beside the big couch (and yes, The Lovely One likes Isobel Bloom stuff — or I should say, she used to, disapproving of the mawkish and overly detailed contemporary crap).

A fuller shot of the loveliness beside “my” chair.

A partial view of the other table by the loveseat (whatʼs in the vase is unchanging so she didnʼt need me to include it; the phone is also extraneous and not decorative, as I am sure you realize).

The family room is less concise (and I am not covering everything — mostly because of the items she most dislikes about that room, all the bookshelves and my overflowing tomes thereon). Here are the pictures I have…

The fall centerpiece on the newest element in the family room, a second-hand coffee table in front of the davenport; the milk crate in the distance counts as decorative, although functional, as well, and small items brighten the otherwise dismal prospect of the bookshelves.

The black-and-white themed bookshelf (onto which no books may go, by fiat, although she is tolerant of the VHS stuff); the chess set is from a trip to Mexico I took with Mt. Pleasant PYF in 1971, and it does correspond with the "marble" top of the plant stand; the white pumpkin is fake (I think).

We have other pix for her reference next August when the time arrives for new autumnal décor, but I have already made you scroll down repeatedly for these pictures. All that stuff came “down” to get put away going into Thanksgiving. And on Friday, November 26, the Christmas stuff went “up.” Learn more soon.

A long view into the family room so you can appreciate the bookshelves, or not (the blankets on the ratty red chair are not decorative but necessities considering the quite cool temperatures at which I stingily have the digital thermostats keep our house — I did write on how I often typed last winter wearing fingerless gloves while my teeth chattered uncontrollably).

Recent posts have run beyond the full thousand-word length, so in respect to the space the numerous photos take, Iʼll keep the verbiage to a minimum.

*And the abusive blogger almost completely misrepresents my position, just about as much as he thoroughly misreads what I had to say. Sad to say. Fantatics… what can you do?

** You might try counting all the pumpkins you see in the pictures…

©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A

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