Winter Wonders, 1b

Yesterday I promised you pictures of, at least, the basement family room decorated for Christmas. As you already got to see the tree, here are some…

The “black-and-white” bookshelf transformed for winter, with surrounding object dʼart

You got to see this bookshelf (above, not below) in its autumnal glory before. Click that link and compare the two!

Now we turn somewhat to our right…

Wintry wonders as we are looking toward our TV

This shot above is kind of an overview, as we have other views of some of these items in photos below, including…

I gave her this snowman with his Christmas tree. The tree lights up if either of us remembers to plug it in ever.

The caption says it all above, but if we turn our attention past the television on its black stand, we can see…

“Let it snow” my… uh, left nostril! (It was snowing plentifully as I got this finished.)

But wait. I have more!

Now the centerpiece on the newish coffee table is all winterized and wonderful. (See the snowman in the background for orientation purposes? The right edge of the coffee table hides the “Let it Snow” bench from the photo above this one.)

And now for a bookshelf in detail. It stands to the right of the photo above, as you can tell because the same centerpiece on its table is right there in this next shot, along with that bench and its pointless and currently annoying exhortation.

A decorated bookshelf along the west wall of the basement family room.

The two socks are personal antiques from my childhood. The one on the left, nowadays for Janet, was my motherʼs, while the right-hand one was my own (although none of us kids had our names on our socks, I think; I know I didnʼt/donʼt). When we were kids, Santa would fill the socks we had each laid out on Christmas Eve with candies, tangerines, tiny toys and (strangely) items of the same sort from my motherʼs British pen pals (yet none of us grasped the clue that the inclusion of such foreign treats indicated about dear old St. Nickʼs non-subjective authenticity).

This particular shelf is the memories display, as the picture frames contain photos from each of our childhoods. The picture above is extra-large when you click on it so that you can appreciate some of the stuff The Lovely One places to hide all the books.

I only chose one of the bookshelves because I already had so many pix today. (However, if the demand is sufficient, I could show you others later!)

Now one last image, as you head out the door, on the east, toward the upstairs…

The title of this picture says it all — “Snowman in ammo box.” Really pretty ironic for us, or not. This is another snowman I bought for my beloved.

As I hope you have figured out for yourselves without my unnecessary intrusion, The Lovely One enjoys snowmen for winter as much as she appreciates pumpkins during the fall. (Did you try counting how many snow creatures you have glimpsed already? More than twenty in just these photographs.)

How did I ever top 600 words on a post that was meant to be simply, solely pictures?

And more or less, thatʼs the winter/Christmas decorations in the family room. Naturally, as I have completely run out of worthwhile topics for posts, thereʼs more to come!

©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A

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