Winter Wonders, 2

Although Qwest has been grinding my goat of late with their continual and repetitious lack of service (even as I type right now, the little indicators for the Internet connection and the Server are red as a baboonʼs heinie and donʼt seem to be changing, no matter how many times I go downstairs and turn off our router and modem, wait five minutes or so, and turn them back on). Quite simply put — if you are going to get a new internet service provider, donʼt even give Qwest a first thought — worthless, really really worthless. And they donʼt even try to do better than worthless.

On a brighter note, having stalled for a couple of days, itʼs time I gave you a look at more of The Lovely Oneʼs winter/Christmas decorations. Today weʼll peek into our living room. You might want to check these images against the autumn decorations here.

The prairie-style long table on the south side of the living room.

Itʼs a really large photograph above, so if you click it, you can take a good close look at everything (assuming anyone wants to, that is). That clear glass tube of Christmas tree balls takes some effort each year, as the spherical ornaments donʼt like to fit into the cylinder with simple ease.

Hereʼs a closer look at her sleigh full of greenery (the stuff that didnʼt end up in the back of my truck awaiting disposal yet today).

Decorative sleigh filled with branches of green.

She really goes to a lot of trouble getting that string of beads and the ribbon strewn correctly among the evergreen branches. Now, if we continue turning to our left, we come to the little table beside “my” chair…

This particular area is pretty plain, and The Lovely One would not approve of that one coaster out for use — spoiling the display.

A snowman! As noted in the caption, she didnʼt do much with this section for 2010 (probably assuming I would just disturb the beauty with my magazines and books, which is fairly accurate). However, if we turn further to the left, one of her favorite areas to decorate is the display cabinet we invested (probably too much) in about a decade ago (at the same time we bought the furniture in here).

The display cabinet. Every shelf is wintertime-appropriate…

The caption above says it all, really, except that the very top remains the same all through the year. That jug and goblets are from the Minnesota Renaissance Fair, autumn of 1974, when sister Margaret took me to Shakopee for the first time. I was student teaching at Washington High School in Cedar Rapids and took the bus up to somewhere near her (Waterloo?), leaving the Allison Hotel behind for a weekend. I loved the Fair, especially in those innocent and halcyon days when it was not as successful and there werenʼt 10,000 Harley fans — all pushing sixty, overly well paid for whatever they do not on weekends, and fatuously imagining themselves fulfilling the American Dream in a Brando-esque style — pushing around self-centeredly everywhere (no, I havenʼt been annoyed by a certain cultural phenomenon). I found a nice shop featuring pottery, an art form I had not appreciated much previously, and the proprietor, in order to demonstrate the utility of his wares, took me and the wine set into the back room where he filled the decanter with white wine that we sampled from each of the cups. Simply cannot conceive of anything remotely like that happening in the last twenty-five years there.

Back to my topic, if we continue to the left around the living room, skipping past the davenport, we reach the little prairie end table…

More snowmen, if you attend, frolic on this end table.

Perhaps you have noticed all the Isabel Bloom items. Most of them are around the area (usually in other spots) throughout the seasons of each year, but a few are special to winter. There are a few (that would be two) new little statues she would like to acquire for Christmas 2010. Iʼm not sure if theyʼre going to make it into Santaʼs pack this year or not…

I havenʼt been particularly imaginative (or snarky) with this post. But I am feeling preoccupied trying to come to grips with finalizing Christmas plans (particularly presents for The Lovely One). The Yule holiday is only ten days off, after all. I had better get shopping!

And to conclude again on a sour note… Qwest went down for the sixth time while I was finishing this. I had no connection outside our house for an hour and a half around noon today/Tuesday. I guess we can only hope this posts tomorrow/Wednesday/today. Qwest takes so much money from us each month, just so they can frustrate whatever feeble attempts I might make to access and use the internet. Really poor company. Really poor service. Avoid them.

©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A

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