Tedium Relieved by a Few Recommendations

Qwest just took me off the internet at 11:18 Thursday. Predictably bad job, jerks. Donʼt keep up the rotten effort to actually provide what you make us pay for! And now, with that off my chest (yet again)…

Stephen Sondheim. If youʼre wondering how his image belongs here, read the entire actual article, guys and gals.

The snow-shoveling prophecy from yesterday came true, although I didnʼt actually get out of bed until 5:10, and the procedure lasted until 6:45. Sans snowblower; I just didnʼt take the time to get it out. I probably should have. My left arm/elbow is hurting as badly as yesterday afternoon and evening, and I did something rotten to my right thumb (again) because doing certain things (like grabbing an object) makes it send caustic pangs of wild pain up my arm. Lovely. On the brighter side, at least the ibuprofen+aspirin is working today (NSAIDs did nothing for the elbow yesterday). As I hope to be wrapping some presents for someone a little later today and tomorrow, the manipulations required seem to be exactly the kind of motions that throb and pang both hands and the elbow.

I suppose we can all only hope and (depending upon your chosen inner state of religiosity) pray (to your determined deity or deities) that I recover/get over myself. [Snarky enough for you, Dave?]

Otherwise, as noon approaches, I have been busy with daily/monthly tedium. I balanced my checkbook against the bank statement adequately, making use of the respond-to-vocal-commands abilities (much easier than constantly changing my eye-focus from the screen to the keyboard for command combinations when checking off my digital records against the bankʼs). And I got The Lovely One to recompense me for the money I spent myself for her presents this week. Some e-mailing and house-husbandry (like getting ready to prepare a spinach-and-turkey loaf for tonightʼs supper, among other piddling details of everyday life*) have filled my other hours.

But I have also entertained myself, and I want to take the opportunity to recommend a few fun moments on the internet. First, on Tuesday night Stephen Colbert had Stephen Sondheim as his guest. Although I marked the entire episode for this link, Sondheim is the next-to-the-last segment. (Oh, wait, I found that segmentʼs connection: here.)It was very amusing, not in particular Colbertʼs rewrite of “Send in the Clowns.”

Less commercial and closer to home, theatre friend Shawn K. Rife Vasquez has been posting some original songs on You Tube, and The Lovely One and I find them very amusing. Way to go Shawn! The first is here, about that certain condition affecting women of a certain age. The second, here, has an aging aspect, too, but thatʼs not the real issue for the song. Each one made me laugh, so try them both. Enjoy.**

The weekend is almost here, another aspect of life to enjoy. And, with the Holiday becoming very nigh indeed, Iʼll make a gift of a post under 800 words***. Enjoy that, too.

*Yes, I donʼt actually bore you with every detail, just some that are sufficiently dull in themselves, although somehow tickling the effervescence of my passing fancy while I crouch over the keyboard and write this stuff instead of working on any of my stories.

** And at 12:24, although I show clear connections (green) all the way through my network to the internet and server, somehow Facebook wonʼt respond or come up so I can check Shawnʼs links. Not sure if I can blame Qwest on this, although past experience indicates that in a few minutes the connection will go bad. (But it hasnʼt. Yet.)

I used to complain that personal computers were being foisted on us at overheated high prices when they werenʼt up to doing what they were supposed to do (and they werenʼt). No one would buy a car that you had to restart every few hours (or more often) when taking a long drive, but weʼre supposed to take such behavior for granted with our home computers (and no oneʼs talking just Windoze here, although Janetʼs computer is ridiculously bad compared to this iMac). Thatʼs one of the reasons I donʼt fancy myself an “early adopter” of new technologies: Iʼll wait for the companies to iron out the bugs (some of them) and drop the prices from the stratosphere before chunking down my change. We may have a problem with (wildly overpriced) internet service provision equal to the primitive state of (ridiculously expensive) personal computing for so long.

So far, five to eight minutes into this nonperformance problem, the issue seems to be with Facebook, as every other page I try is up and working. I wonder if hackers are annoyed with Zuckerberg being Time magazineʼs Man of the Year… (Colbert is funny on that to start his Wednesday night episode, apologizing to Julian Assange for not violating enough peopleʼs privacy to get the honor.) And, trying to finish by adding my first link for Shawnʼs first song “video,” nearly an hour after not being able to access Facebook for the link info, I still donʼt have it (although this prolonged enigma has kicked my post over the 800 words now). Maybe something really is up…

However, after Qwest did drop the connection, about 1:15, and a full computer reboot (see above, Apple fans) later, we have the links completed, although Qwest dropped the connection again at 2:05. Also sometime before 3:00. And again just after 4:00. Amazing (in an entirely bad way).

*** I guess I have gone way over that with these footnotes. You could have skipped them and thereby have gotten and enjoyed the brevity of the 800-word “gift.”

©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A

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