Talking Monday

I have been extremely lazy ever since the end of November. I did try to dictate a few pages of the Søren and Judah story, but with only a few more paragraphs than you have seen as of a week ago yesterday, I haven’t made any more progress on that. I have penned, literally, a few hundred more words on their second and subsequent adventure, but I haven’t fulfilled my vow to myself to dictate what I handwrite as quickly as possible.

My Plantronics USB headset microphone into which these words were spoken…

Therefore I am dictating this. MacSpeech (having been bought/replaced by Dragon Dictate, which now offers Dictate for Mac, but only for Snow Leopard, or MacOS 10.6, not for my still used 10.5 operating system*) is supposed to set text twice as fast as I can type. Right now, except for the occasional hesitation, as it just did for two and a half seconds to conclude the previous sentence (by which I mean adding the period), the software is working pretty well today/Saturday. Perhaps I haven’t been patient enough with it or else I started to mutter when I was dictating/reading aloud a few weeks back with the short story (because that day was nothing but sheer frustration and constant re-editing of what the dictation software misheard).

Anyway I’m desperately dictating on a Saturday morning while Janet is off at Zumba class because she won’t be on the phone this afternoon with her sister and I have no post ready for Monday morning (and I would rather like to have something there at 5:05 AM). I also have no idea what our plans are for Sunday/tomorrow, although I do already have a piece of a story, one you have not yet seen about my character, the Tourist, which was one of the first things I experimented at dictating instead of typing back in March. (Of course, as this particular bit of nothing-much is actually going to appear on Monday morning, after the Sunday bit of fiction, you have already had the chance to read what for me, today/Saturday, is still a future event — something that I might be more alert about if I were typing than I seem to be dictating. Interesting.) Furthermore, with the holidays approaching and guests arriving for next weekend, if I am going to complete my year-of-posts resolution from a year ago I need to get cracking on creating a small stockpile of articles for the blog. Or else just give up on the daily regimen with fewer than a dozen to go. (And that thought has passed prominently through my thoughts. After all, I have essentially proved I could do it, if I wanted — if it mattered at all.)

So I’m dictating (oops, said that already, more than once — perhaps I notice a disadvantage to mere dictation as a way to compose, at least for me). Once again, having not done this for a long time, I wonder if speaking aloud instead of typing changes my style. (It doesn’t appear to have reduced the number of parenthetical remarks I want to insert.) As the story I have ready to start Sunday/yesterday was an early experiment in pure dictation, you could tell me how it differs from the beginning of “Underground,” writing which of course is also ten years old, as well — differences might have evolved anyway. However, if anyone notices anything (including the odd word that the software has inserted instead of the word I said/meant), please let me know.

Maybe I just need to talk and not care what the dang software is putting on the screen/in the document — rather like censoring/silencing oneʼs “inner editor.” Once I have all these words down, then I can go back and edit/revise/correct. Maybe. That bit of personal advice sounds like the best notion I have given myself in a few days now.

— And, abruptly, now she has called for me to pick her up from Zumba (today her car is getting an oil change, so I am her transportation until about noon). I guess that means I should take the hint offered by destiny to determine that this is a short post, and I am done. As she is taking a vacation day at home on Monday to prepare our place for the Christmas visitation, I had better put whatever time I may find the remainder of Saturday, or on Sunday, or even today/Monday to develop some kind of a post for Tuesday (yep, tomorrow) and thereafter. Christmas is coming, after all, and this fat, talking goose had better get ready.

* And I would have migrated up to Snow Leopard, but I use Now Up-to-Date/Contact for my calendar and contacts (have used for nearly fifteen years now), and I like the software: it works — I can make the events go how and where I want, and especially Now Contact allows me to print envelopes and labels with scarcely a thought. The developers had even worked up a fully System X version, intending to go further and make a whole new version for the future, Nighthawk. However, once I had invested in the new Up-to-Date/Contact for X, which never worked really well, to tell the truth, they stopped operations, so I am stuck with the older version, which to the best of my knowledge is not compatible with 10.6. Therefore I stick with good old Leopard. So far. (But I find in creating links above that they have posted a “Fix Error” file for 5 users upgrading to Snow Leopard. Hmmmm…)

Added a few more words in popping this over to the WordPress window on the browser while Janet is perfecting a wreath for our front door, but still a bit short of a thousand. But only a bit — the counter shows me short by only three words now. (And Qwest has only kicked out our internet connection once all day. Astounding.)

©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A

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