Big Snow (and Other Woe)

Janet headed out for several things this morning, and even after her car has sat inside for almost two hours, it still looks snow-forlorn.

Letʼs keep this brief for today. I am typing (yep, typing again, but for a reason*) on Monday, as The Lovely One sits at her computer working on e-mail she has accumulated unread for weeks and years (not literally on the latter). Itʼs for her benefit that I am typing not dictating just now.

I am feeling a little frustrated. A friend gave me some work for Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A., Monday, and asked about paying by PayPal. I dutifully completed the job and then set to work trying to get myself able to accept PayPal payments (instead of simply paying out, you know). The company helpfully provided a button for my website, but getting that damn thing into my blog has been difficult and temper-bending. As of the time of this composition, with snow burying us in eastern Iowa, thereʼs still no button on the website. I apparently need to educate myself on “plug-ins” in order to get one working. Unfortunately, I donʼt seem to have any “plug-ins” option on my Dashboard, and although I made the Text and Image widgets work for me so far on extra doodads I have added to the right of the posts, what I have so far doesnʼt create the button.

Flakes were big, and the day looked fogged in. Just with snow.


The actual editing only took an hour. Now I have wasted another three on stupid stuff that hasnʼt gotten me anywhere. This is why I donʼt love technology or at least the implementations of said by profiteering corporations in real life. PayPal made it difficult for me by not making what I wanted immediately and clearly available (still isnʼt, although I hope I can now send a form e-mail invoice, if I never can get that little button to work). And WordPress has made my use of the button so far nothing but frustration. Worse, I know by searching for “how to add a PayPal button to a WordPress blog” that itʼs do-able, just not for me, evidently. (If anyone has any advice, I am giving the project up for now, as I explain below, so I would welcome your input.)

Sigh. (And take some time to run downstairs because Qwest just kicked our connection into limbo. Again.)

So I take a breather from my HTML/WordPress woes to complain (and you get to read about it). The additional benefit for me is that this whine gets me a post in place for Tuesday before I head off onto other chores. And have no doubts: there are other chores. Plenty of them.

“Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!” Not.

Other chores are the order of the day yesterday (my today, Monday). Janet had me clean the basement for use over Christmas (and it needed it). Then came my surprising e-mail with opportune work for my editing skills. Now the snow is falling in huge flakes, and I am going to have to shovel and/or blow snow several times. Soon. The pictures I have included for todayʼs post are meant to illustrate the importance of that obligation, and the radar indicates (when I can get online around Qwestʼs** continual loss-of-services — third time in four hours just now as I was trying to create a link above) that weʼre in for quite a long haul of more snowfall.

I guess that would be what I have (not) to say for today. Sorry for the self-pity above, but I would appreciate help on the button if itʼs available. And the snow falling has definitely impressed itself on my thoughts and perceptions.

I had better kick myself into action. A snowplow just went through, Janet says, and that means perhaps some heavy lifting at the end of the drive.

*And the reason, if you couldnʼt draw the conclusion for yourself, is to permit Janet to work without my distractive speaking-aloud.

**Qwest must stand for Queerly Wrong and Evil Service Troubles. It certainly doesnʼt stand for anything else. (Thought that one up while killing the couple minutes with the modem turned off before restarting. Got to make use of that otherwise wasted time somehow, I suppose.)

©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A

2 thoughts on “Big Snow (and Other Woe)

  1. I know I’ve tried getting a Plug In to work for me and my blog but I sort of came to the conclusion that they only work if you self-host. I do WordPress the free way and I don’t have a PlugIn-option in any of my menus.

    Could that be your problem?

    Happy Holidays!

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