Desperate Randomosity

an eastward perspective on fog across a badly shoveled driveway, 12/21/2010

Fogged in all morning (so far) on Tuesday*. I stepped outside to take the pictures that appear today, and icy stuff was falling and crackling on the crispy snow. Ugly, unpleasant day. I hope today is better.

The Lovely One needs me to head out on the potentially icy streets of town to run some errands for her, too. But I would like to check on the weather conditions weʼre supposed to be having first. Our driveway, which I awakened myself not long after 5:00 to clear of what had accumulated during the evening and night, currently looks very dicey for road conditions to me. But I am pretty sure that Janet thinks retirement has made a driving coward of me (I do know that I drive much less than I once did, especially nowadays when she almost invariably chooses to be the one to drive her car when we go out of town together).

…time passes (temporal transition of an ordinary nature)…

However, waiting until noon, everything was just wet. Channel 6 news at noon said the weather had warmed above freezing, and now I believe it (although it also means that I will have to get my weary rear outdoors this afternoon, Tuesday, early, in order to get the driveway cleared of of what I hope has become slushy ice). While I was gone, I installed Snow Leopard, just keeping up with the times a little more than a year late, thinking as well of Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd., S.A. (gotta stay up-to-date if weʼre gonna attract any business, hey?). As I type/dictate now, Software Update is downloading a mess of further updates (I guess Apple did not send out the newest version of the system, even after a year). I still have the iLife and iWork DVDs to go through, but I decided to use wait time to have something for a post today, no matter how random and disorderly.

looking through fog across our front yard to the southwest

And speaking of disorderly, letʼs just randomly change topics (and days of composition) now:

Good-for-nothing Qwest had us offline six times between ten oʼclock in the morning and six in the evening on Monday**. Not quite once an hour, but just about, and if I hadnʼt been out shoveling for two of those hours, I would not have been surprised if their utter contempt for us consumers-of-their-lack-of-service would not have manifested itself in several other outings that I perceived as just one because of my being away from the disinternetted computer (and home network) at the time. This contemptible corporation (meaning its chief officers in particular) really needs to receive repeated doses of severe discipline, and I am starting to feel in a revolutionary frame of mind. Shape up, Qwest, or perhaps you will suffer the consequences.

…temporal transition of a literary nature…

I typed the above paragraph on Monday evening after returning from an unpleasant drive to get my hair cut (actually, both The Lovely One and I drove out, as Janet only makes one appointment for both of us, my own head not needing much care or attention, not having much hair to cut). The snow just kept falling all day Monday, and then turned into sleet or freezing precipitation overnight. I was certainly slicing/plowing through a frozen glaze when I worked on the driveway yesterday morning (that would be Tuesday morning, the day I am typing these later words here). This December has not been a nice one for weather.

But enough of all of that. Qwest has kicked me offline (again — meaning yet yesterday, or Tuesday), even with Snow Leopard running (I was hoping it might make some difference). Let us take that as a sign, especially as I keep being distracted with novel software issues. I will bring this to an end of sorts, go downstairs and restart the modem (again), and post this.

And then get back to software updating. Apparently endlessly.

Happy Wednesday, all!

* …And the fog never really lifted (at least by the time I got this into WordPress, about 4:00 PM).

** I was trying to live up to my resolve to create a stockpile of posts for the holiday weekend (and before and after) when the internet vanished while I was attempting to make access. Yet again. Sure, it was snowing/had been snowing, but this kind of disservice has become simply ordinary from this maniacal corporation of slovenly incompetence and unconscionable overcharging.

(It is fun, now in December when WordPress makes the digital snow fall on the blogs that permit it, to see their “snow” on my wintry pictures! It makes me wonder if the snow-filled images will have any appeal by next summer…)

©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A

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