Dictating at a Distance

Although Dragon Dictateʼs not exactly not new for Christmas, I wanted to play with dictating what I have to say (an ironic concept, especially when you hear yourself say it out loud), so Iʼm trying to keep my fingers off the keyboard and speak the text you have/get to read today. (Therefore as always with dictated material, if you see mistakes, please let me know.) The goal was to get dictation up to the same speed that I can do typing.

Somehow, having to insert the punctuation, while deliberating about what I wish to get in the text, I normally/previously end up dictating more slowly than I type. Somehow my brain has learned to shut off other thoughts and stimuli when Iʼm typing that persistently distract me when I talk. I also find myself irresistibly drawn to edit what I have said (or more practically, proofread, which the softwareʼs inaccuracy-rate does make necessary —although I find the Dragon upgrade that I am using today noticeably more accurate than I ever felt the old MacSpeech version ever was). I experimented earlier with wandering as far as I could from the computer while performing other tasks— in the case youʼll see below, making the bed— while dictating, to see how well the program worked. If nothing else comes to me, perhaps Iʼll force the results of that little experiment on you as part of todayʼs post.

Yep, nothing else comes to me. I have marked the obvious interpretation errors in maroon.

12/26/2010 2:15 PM

Letʼs entitled this stream of consciousness.

What I accomplished while dictating the neighboring nonsense, even though I sat on the bed to watch the weather before the photo got snapped.

Iʼm going to go into our bedroom and make the bed. Letʼs see how well it hears me.What one of the problems with dictation I can see is that one needs to remember to continue to put in punctuation marks. Since I donʼt generally think in terms of punctuation, this is going to probably be the hardest aspect of trying to turn myself into a dictating machine.

Right now I am trying to put pillowcases on the pillows which will be interfering with my voice and possibly brushing the microphone. It should also create a bit of extra noise that the program may interpret as words. Will have to see.

I got three pillows covered. I am now by the south window working on Janetʼs pillows period and now Iʼm wandering around the bed trying to figure out how Iʼm going to do the bad. That means getting a sheet on it. The hard part with the sheet always is finding the correct corner for my feet. Now Iʼm leaning over trying to find a corner for my head so I can wrap it around the bed lightly moving onto my feet now over by Janet speaks and finally to her head which is the first one will put on completely. Now totally attach her foot corner all the way and back around to my head. And catch that. Now the troublesome corner when I see, where my fingers have poked through a the she is. But now itʼs done, so now for the top sheet. Flatbed across the bed. Walk around to Janet sighed. ~The sheet trying to get it square. Moving back around trying to make sure I have enough sheet. Itʼs going to be easy to write in sentence fragments. Because that way I can remember to get some punctuation in. A crouching down at the foot of the bed. To talk in the sheet. Now itʼs time for the first blanket. Tossing it out on the bed, wandering around the bed and pulling it square, trying not to cheat and give either of this too much blanket. In back to Janet had looks pretty good. Should a put, in after Janet had.

In the sheet at the bottom, struggling to get it to fit with the sheet. Itʼs screwed up the sheet and blanket up by my head. 16 now. Trying for the bedspread comforter, which I probably shouldʼve called a bedspread/comforter. Will the claim that straight and square, trying to cover the underlying blanket, not having great success. But itʼs adequate. The letʼs put on some pillows. First Janetʼs. And her fancy covering,. Now the second blanket which lies across the foot of the bed, with the silky cops pointed toward our heads. Now my pillows if I can get them in the right order. First the lumpy heavy one covered in a blue pillowcase, followed by the almost 1 in the slick tight pillowcase, and finally the good one in a pillowcase that matches the sheets. Then my fancy,. Then my bedsit pillow.

Heading back into the office to see what I have created.

Not inspiring prose, chock full of errors in transcription. However, it amused me, both to keep babbling while I worked and to read what garbled garp the program created from my sometimes muffled and long-distance muttering. I think I am most amused at myself when I forgot what punctuation mark I had already inserted (viz: “And her fancy covering,.”), although I also chortle over talking to the sheet instead of tucking it in. “Silky cops” stirs interesting notions, too!

Well, that has to be the most pointless post of the year. And yet I put it out here. Thatʼs what vowing to get 365 individual daily blog posts (plus one more accidentally) will accomplish. My apologies.

Janet and I were gone yesterday, taking Diane back to Madison where Steve met us for lunch and then drove his wife on home (therefore I patched together this bit of nothing/time-waste on Sunday while listening to Eat a Peach for the first time in almost forty years and iTuning the other CDs I received for Christmas). Think positively: at least I had a minute dose of fun. Today I should be at work developing something (we hope) more worthwhile of your investment of time. Check in tomorrow and see…

©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A

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