Yearʼs End

…And suddenly the year is at its end. I am somehow surprised that I have actually, as of this unessayʼs ætheric appearance, composed at least a post a day for a full 365 days, not to mention no less than four or five further posts-worth of commentary here and elsewhere. I suppose I should use the opportunity of this final day in 2010 to reflect musingly on my little collection of essays over the year. Perhaps I will. However, as has become my typical practice, I begin instead with no particular goal in mind, simply considering that a decade ends today (I guess I canʼt tag a post automatically with “The Aughties” any longer).

The gloomy fog outside my head. Pretty bleak (and I mean both words). This picture has partners on the blog, earlier in the year, for comparison and contrast. If you look closely, you can see piles of creosoted logs, plentiful in whitecapped black piles, fermenting in the wet and slushing snow.

Naturally, it is really the-day-before-this, the thirtieth, on which I write (and if I choose to post something for the new year tomorrow, it may be that far in advance as well). I goofed the morning of yesterday away, watching the old Basil Rathbone/Sherlock Holmes Dressed to Kill on Encore Mystery and then (only after it had appeared) editing yesterdayʼs post and adding a preface to “Mistakes by Moonlight.”* It was going on 2:00 by the time I actually forced myself to begin hunting and pecking away toward this post. And I had to interrupt myself almost as soon as I had begun (right here, as a matter of fact) because I had promised Janet I would head out into the drizzle and fog to purchase some female medication for her.

Not an inspiring first two paragraphs for our final day here on Wakdjunkagaʼs Blog 2010. But then 22 out of 56 cars I encountered on my little drive out to and back from the hidjous** Walmart, even in this day of factory-installed daytime-running-lights (albeit in our financially destitute county, nearly the nadir here in Iowa, many of those cars are at least as old as my truck and even decade[s] older), somehow neglected, in fog so thick I couldnʼt see to the bottom of the dip to the south on Western Avenue, a mere few hundred feet in distance, to have their headlights on.*** Uninspiring indeed. So was the fact that I bought a pair of jeans larger than I have ever worn before in my life — because good intentions and all, I still need to make it through this winter somehow, and the old ones are cramping if not my style my blubbery waist.

Yes, in looking back over this pas twelve months, I can say with certainty that I have grown… fatter. Not my ambition for retirement. Somehow the workouts havenʼt been materializing. Too easy to get busy on the keyboard (or cruising the internet, food at hand). Some things must change, and change fast.

A year ago, I modestly assessed my writing accomplishments and determined to try to put up a post each day for as long as I could, perhaps all year. Now I have done that. And precious little else. Tomorrowʼs resolve may be more standard and predictable (and I hope I avoid the typically unsurprising nonfulfillment of that vow to work out and lose weight). Unfortunately, although I have now accomplished my 2010 ambition, I know it came at the cost of my other writing activities (particularly the drudgery and depression of sending stuff out for rejection), even though the blog did help me finish four stories this year, starting several more and extending most of the others considerably (and spew out 50,000 words in a “novel” in November). I also accumulated a little cadre of pretty regular readers: thank you all. That may be the best of all possible events this year.

And Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A., acquired two little editing/proofreading jobs (thanks, clients, sincerely; your perusal of the blog probably got me the work). Maybe my other new yearʼs resolution should be to get serious about that alternative career. Anyone? “Whatever your editing or textual needs…”

Of course, if anyone knows a good, well-connected literary agent, an introduction would be a wonderful gift!

Accomplishments? I worked for Census 2010 for a few months and learned a few things about how governmental organization operates (probably none of that insight positive about our government in action). I learned about plastics “crazing” and acquired my nice still “new” glasses (not an altogether positive experience, either, really). I discovered and lost a lipoma. Went to Alaska, sort of, cruising (about which I still have at least three unfinished posts I could yet present). Played Picasso and an asylum inmate (reversing chronological order there). I wrote some pretty good essays here (mostly the political ones, sorry to point out, right-aligning friends), particularly the four collected as de monastica libertate, the howl against the faux anti-NYC mosque madness, and this, and this, and this**** (And now I have wasted more time rereading most of those, but I think itʼs worth it.) Not much else. Probably not the best year of my life, in the end.

In the wide world, itʼs been a bad year, filled with bad economics, wicked and deceptive political maneuvers (still going on here in Iowa), misery and torment. Wars and rumors of war. What little good has managed to be contrived has been overshadowed and criticized by forces of repression, selfishness, ignorance and greed. Probably not the best year of our lives, unless weʼre excessively rich or the ultra-wealthyʼs political tools… On the other hand, at least weʼre alive and reading these otherwise dire thoughts (I had to get one last other hand in here this year).

Just look where reflecting on the year gone past has gotten me. In a gray fog of bleak gloom. Not very positive at all. Perhaps thatʼs why we all wish each other, “Happy New Year” (and so many of us drink the old one into its tomb). But that is exactly, a happy new year, what I would wish for each and all of you.

* Did anyone notice that the day before I did finally collect the fragments of my thoughts on religious freedom and collect them here? As an essay, I think it holds up fairly well.

** Wouldnʼt that be the opposite of “frabjous”?

*** Now thereʼs a sentence for you. Probably not my record for length this year, but pretty close.

**** And so little came of any of them… So fitting for my midwestern fog today and yesterday. Oh, well. Tomorrowʼs thirty degrees colder and clear, a new year.

©2010 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A

4 thoughts on “Yearʼs End

    • Yes, Denise. It continues. I just donʼt want to make coming up with something absolutely for certain every day a major issue (thus making myself not prepare something for yesterday, January 2). Thanks for the interest and for reading! How are you doing in your sunnier clime than mine?

  1. Happy… um, one year of blogs without missing. Not sure what to call it. Love learning about your family and various other things. Keep it going.

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