That Is So-o-o-o Over, Dudes!

WordPress wants to challenge its users to post each day for a year (or at least once a week for the amateurs). Read about it here. They just want to get us all going, you know. Of course, some of us have gone there. Last year.

From my point of view, the post-once-a-day (at least) is so 2010, guys and gals. Done and done, already. This year I have bigger and better plans (I wish. I hope).

Everybody else can follow in my feetstoops if they wish. Iʼll be seeking new and fresher horizons (and more personal goals to conquer*). For this new year, Iʼll post whenever. (And that makes two for today. So there.)

However, their little game has given me motivation to put up a post without delay (meaning in real time at long last). Itʼs been a lovely day — sunshine in the morning, darkening with clouds through afternoon into evening gray. Just home from grocery acquisition (not at Aldi, curse ʼem — nearest one nowʼs 30 miles distant), so itʼs time to make some breakfast, lunch and supper. (And time to balance my checkbook after too many days, too.) We have a nice post ready to go at 3:03 AM, CST, for your 2011 reading recreation, tomorrow.

Enjoy. (And get busy on those daily posts, Johnny-come-latelies!)

* Does that make me a conquistadorial personality?

©2011 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A

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