Interrupted Thoughts

Sunday, Janet decided to (her word) “purge” some things from her stores in the office, meaning mostly documents and other papers. (She also spent a few hours culling recipes she figured neither of us would ever make from her collection there, too.) Meanwhile I was doing laundry (nowhere near as consuming or industrious a task, even counting the making of our bed and folding up the finished clothing) and sitting on my rear reading magazines while waiting for the washer or dryer to finish a job.

I did eventually get online for the first time in days, mostly to investigate the Giffords assassination attempt/mass shooting in Tucson, about which Janet and I knew nothing until midday Sunday (and to lamely and ordinarily check my e-mail and Facebook; not so much the blog, of course, because I hadnʼt posted anything since last Thursday). But although I began this post by typing the first paragraph and the first eleven words of this paragraph, that was about the total of computer activity since Thursday evening. (There was a bit of a Facebook exchange, continuing yesterday, over some links about Congresswoman Giffords commenting about the SarahPAC hit list on which she was targeted with crosshairs back in March of 2010, as if the Girl Grizzly hadnʼt brought such a connection on herself by promptly dumping the offensive “You prescribe the solution” and “Don’t retreat! Instead – RELOAD!” graphics and associated content promptly and foolishly right after the Arizona incident. — If youʼre not guilty, donʼt act that way, Quitter Queen.)*

So I went four days without a post (almost wrote “three,” as I am writing on Monday afternoon), which satisfies me. The chain is broken clearly and cleanly, making the blog what I want to post (and when) rather than the self-imposed, sometimes burdensome responsibility it became later on last year. (On the other hand, I am not sure if I really have anything to say today, having changed my course entirely because of the Arizona assault.)

I wish I had something insightful and important to say about the shooting, but other than to feel guns are too omnipresent** and too easily acquired in my country and that political rhetoric (sometimes including my own) has gotten entirely too heated and too excessive, I have nothing to observe.***

I hope for the wounded to heal. I sorrow with the friends and families of those killed. And I also hope for change…

Enough for now. Perhaps I can resurrect my thoughts on home economics “purging” for another post soon. Benevolence, all.

* And Qwest kicks out our connection just as I searched out those graphics and links on Mrs. Palin.

** And whatʼs the fuss about the imaginary need for “carrying concealed” anyway? If weʼre going to permit any rabid dolt to have any gun at just about any time in any circumstance, then he (or she) should have to make it clear and obvious s/heʼs armed. (And every last one of them had better be enrolled in their local National Guard, too re the Second Amendment.)

*** And from my self-dirtying investigation on Monday morning of what the Tighty Right blogosphere squeals in the aftermath of the shootings, I know that neither of those sentiments goes far (heck, goes anywhere) with the radicalized and demonizing Dextreme, whose shrill and angry wailings evidently are the only sounds in their own aetheric ears.

(I kind of liked marking all three of the footnotes as “Ands.”)

©2011 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A

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