Celebration Time!!


Iʼm celebrating because today, according to whatever system ClustrMaps™ uses to count hits, we go over 10,000 unique visits to the blog.

(Yeah, yeah, I know. According to “Hits on Wak,” which reveals WordPressʼs own counting system, weʼre about to hit 70,000 — which is also very, very cool, even though we wonʼt be there today, so I canʼt celebrate that number. Clearly, the two enumeration systems are utterly different, WordPress counting any click to or on the site, I believe, and ClustrMaps™ counting only discrete IP addresses per day — or something like that.)

What todayʼs celebrated number means is that in less than the year since I first added the ClustrMaps™ widget to the blog we have had 10,000 hits (usually from about 24 to 80 per day, nothing major when you reflect, but Iʼm impressed for the time being — now get out there and tell all your friends and enemies, neighbors and family, to get with it and start reading Wakdjunkagaʼs Blog, eh).

There really is nothing especially significant about this big Friday-in-January accomplishment (by you all, by the way, not me), except that like most humans Iʼm drawn to big round numbers. Nor is there anything particularly special about this post. But I just wanted to celebrate a bit.

Actually, if you click on the ClustrMaps™ widget today, Friday, 14 January 2011, youʼll see that we are 21 hits short of my number, only 9979. Why? The count is only updated every twenty-four hours, so you wonʼt see that weʼve gone over until you click the widget tomorrow/Saturday.

Whoo-hoo! 10,000!! Bring on the champagne!

I realize that such statistical non-accomplishments are probably only of significance to the person writing the blog, but whatʼs a blog for, if not to share. And having shared, thereʼs not much else to say.

The dreary tedium of real life was enlivened by minor trouble yesterday evening. Last night, The Lovely One felt chilly in our family room as we were watching television (the Biography on Steve Martin, as none of our normal channels had anything we wanted to watch on — until 30 Rock at the unusual time of 9:30), and our furnace/boiler was behaving, well, oddly. The boiler seems to have topped out its internal temperature and then been unable to reduce that, so it wasnʼt putting out any hot water. However, when we lowered the thermostat for the night, giving the little thing a bit of a rest until the temperature declined to below 60°, the boiler kept the heat right where I asked it to be; so it was working once we gave it a little rest. Janet had me call the heating company and have a guy come over this morning to check things out. Although he was here for more than an hour, studying the manuals and trying to get the boiler to misbehave again, it worked perfectly (of course), so we are still unsure just what was going on last night.

Overly mundane, right? As I said, I donʼt really have anything much to report today… Except that there is another, much bigger celebration going on in Andrew this evening.

Sad but True — This One Is the Last…

For former students, tonight is a major event in the history of Andrew Community SchoolHomecoming (my old school has no football team, so they celebrate basketball homecoming). This one is unusual, actually unique, however.

Dwindling student numbers and the financial crunch on public education (at least here in Iowa) have forced the board to decide to close the high school (yeah, I really did get out at the right time). Effective at the end of this school year. (Donʼt believe me? Just ask the junior class, which only has eight members left, all the others already fled via Open Enrollment to neighboring districts, presumably to qualify next year for sports and activities.)

So tonight will be the last Andrew Homecoming ever. Itʼs a pretty big deal with hundreds of alumni returning for the special celebrations before, during and after the basketball games. Thereʼs a lot of excitement to make it a special, extraordinarily memorable evening. Actually a special weekend. The Big Dance is tomorrow/Saturday night. (Have fun, kids. Be safe!)

I wish everyone well, the teams good luck. And we hope this final Homecoming really is one for the record books.

Go, Hawks!!

©2011 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A

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